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    • avatar Charlene K 1

      Just pasted the first part of the adwords cert. I would like to get some real world practical experience
      Is it possible to get the £75 credit for several potential clients and run campaigns on their behalf ?

      • avatar Charlene K 2

        Are there any tools to practice Adwords before running a live campaign ?

        • avatar Garik Tate 2

          Wait… where did he get the number 1.73 from??
          I'm confused…

          • avatar Achieve Health 2

            This video is fantastic. When everybody wins, where's the downside? Google is truly an amazing company.

            • avatar Anupam Sringeri 2

              What's a format impact?

              • avatar Chabache 1

                What a Wow !

                • avatar Qio 1

                  So with values for bid and ad rank know, can someone predict the values for QS and format impact for me? :D

                  • avatar Md Babu 1


                    • avatar Sinar Cibitung Cemerlang 0

                      Love it, you are creating a truly valuable experience for both the advertiser and the audience!

                      • avatar A Nguyễn Văn 1

                        WOW best video

                        • avatar OttensPitter 1

                          What's the difference between "Relevant and original content" as part of a landing page at 2:50 and "Ad relevance" as a single point at 3:10?

                          • avatar Swatee Agrawal 0

                            Very crisp explanation! Thank you so much Hal Varian!

                            • avatar Andrew Park 0

                              You cant help but watch this and think how Google has the perfect business model here. Unless all advertisers in a given industry collude to pay say just 5-50p an ad and drive down an industries costs to advertise, they all just keep bidding more and Google rakes it in, damn I wish I had invented it.