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E-commerce sites now choose a variety of telecommunications technologies to provide effective customer service. Hotline services or email support services from e-commerce sites often cause problems for customers. The live chat option is Trend Technology, where customers can communicate with the supplier about the size, color and quality of the product at any time.

Instant Messaging enables customers to ask basic queries when purchasing a product or service. E-commerce providers often report that live chat programming allows them to resolve the types of specific queries that are not normal enough to respond in the FAQ area, but this can affect transactions.

With instant messaging [IM] tools, users can make point-to-point HD video calls. HD video calling provides customers with a rich e-commerce company support service experience. The benefits of providing real-time video chat to customers and suppliers on e-commerce sites include: real-time, one-to-one personal customer support. Client representatives can inherit the web screen to the client, leave the website route, and direct them to the website pages and products for which they get some information. Customers can see the project up close. Reps can also help customers query strategies for the best way to perform certain actions on a project. Create personal connections through social discussions and customer help. Make internet shopping more profitable.

How to use IM:

By enabling the live video chat option on each page of the e-commerce site, customers can click on the video chat option to get real-time and instant support from the vendor. There will be one-way or two-way video chat options to video chat in one way, and customers don't need to have a camera. Video chat in some way, customers can only see the video of the customer support executive. Specific shopping partners can browse the site, provide project suggestions, consider inventory, showcase project features, and test insights about inventory shadows and examples.

IM's advantages for online shoppers:

The video chat option in online shopping can update the electronic transaction destination because it can make the webpage more reliable, increase the number of potential customers, and reduce the number of product rejections. Here are some of the benefits of providing real-time video help to your customers:

• can see the product

  • Check product availability based on size and color

  • Have a clear understanding of the product by discussing it with the salesperson

  • While live video chat, customers can get a personalized shopping experience in real physical shopping.

  • Complaints or after-sales support will be further enhanced as customers can clearly indicate where the product is damaged or if the product is not performing well.

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