Intergenerational mixed martial arts

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You know, there are countless articles and rankings in the history of this sport, because no one has ever heard of MMA before UFC.

Let us forget that Pancrase held their show before Gracie.

Prior to UFC, Gracies merged 7,819,952-0 uncontrolled battles in the years prior to UFC's creation.

Let's not forget that although UFC is a big dog sitting on the porch, sometimes they are pulled out by several promotions. The only reason they become big dogs is that Fertitta Brothers has to worry about profits before millions of people want to burn. I want to know if PFC is as big as it is now, then Pride is not operating like the California state government. Kindness knows that MMA has been able to draw money from woodworkers.

Having said that, I think we can review and break down the evolution of MMA.

So let's take a look at what I will call the Generational MMA. As the sport develops, you can classify fighters into four eras. I also have an A-level – he will be the first generation to break through, and the B team will consider the last generation of that generation.

First generation:

Alexander the Great to Royce Gracie.

The first generation of fighters is a fighter that uses one of two backgrounds to participate in the battle – whether he is a backyard fighter with a chin iron, he is just suffering from hardships – or in some ways super skilled MMA, His skills are better than your skills.

Side A will be someone like Tank Abbott and hundreds of his peers.

The B side is the Gracie family.

Gracie is just the master of Ju-Ju, he can beat anyone.

Dan Severn is a wrestling master – and looks at that amazing power

Look at the early strikes of these two people – this is the definition of the G1 fighter. My karate will let you know, unless you pull me down, then I will finish. But if I catch you…

G1 dinosaur.

Matt Hughes.

Hughes may be the greatest fighter of the G1 warrior. Why do I think he is G1? Explain to me where he works. If he goes out to fight today, he is looking for a removal or awkwardness. He is a yielding wrestler, just to make everyone stand out. Will he work today? not really. He tried to get the knockout and was tapped most of the time after GSP's career. I said it as Matt Hughes Fan.

2nd generation

Frank Shamrock to TUF 1

The second generation is a fighter that starts from one discipline and moves to become an expert in another discipline, or just mixes two styles.

Look at Belfort, he is more than just a striker, he is almost finished. Look at Randy, he is more than just a wrestler. I think you can even put Tito in this category. He is a wrestler and is good at hands. This generation is more of a training. In G1, you mainly train one thing and then see if your skills can beat their skills. G2, we have improved, you spent MWF in the wrestling gym, then you crossed the town and boxed on Tuesday and Saturday. You have people from Skill to SkillSet.

G2 Dinosaur: Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, Fedor

3rd generation

2006 to 2012

This is where the route is a bit hard to draw. These are the fighters they have been cooking according to the uniform rules. Almost all of their failures will appear on Sherdog's combat detectors. The main difference is that the fighters are training in MMA, not just wrestling. , Karate or Ju-Ju.. When you are riding in school, not Joe's Wag-Fu school, there is a banner in front, saying that we teach UFC.

It's Jackson's MMA or Xtreme Coutire or something similar, you don't just have to be a discipline, or you are worried about Gi Training, it's fighting all day long. You have a lot of money, promotions or the quality of the warrior, you may try MMA in the NFL or NBA, and some even even participate in the battle. You take the wrestling as a draw and the fighter is a draw. The hoe disappeared so badly that things became standardized. most. We also have women's MMA and lead to championship failure and headline loss due to attractiveness.

The 3rd generation fighters are like Jon Jones or Rory McDonald.

G3 dinosaurs: Like birds, they walk among us.

4th generation

– year 2013?

This is now, we have a top dog, so we have MMA NBA, UFC – we have top European leagues, their top players can participate in Bellator and WSOF. There may be some players who can beat the UFC title, but without a promotion, their top five can win a series of UFC titles.

We also have time to have business funds. Not just UFC, but you can never fight in UFC and make a living in Bellator, or even in some small promotions, maybe not a great life, but you have coaches who don't have to provide pizza to make a living.

The sport is also in the newspaper, every sports channel, every state, everyone has a lot of agreements. You don't have to learn a set of rules in Las Vegas and learn another set of rules in Sweden.

Where are we going from?

Ok, I can't see the formation of the alliance, it just won't happen. I can see the real challenger of UFC molding, probably after Dana retired, WME-IMG put on a suit in the office. Will that bring it to the G5? I do not think so. I am not sure what kind of gravity transfer will occur to form G5. Maybe if someone is dead, they swing the safety line in another way. Maybe if UFC has to force Head Gear and disable low-pitched, this will cause G5 to happen.

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