Internet marketing, the seven major crimes of online marketing

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So you just joined the internet marketing company. Now you want to succeed. There are steps you can take to succeed, but what steps can you take to completely kill your chances of success in online marketing? According to Eric Worre, a very successful online marketer, there are seven fatal crimes in online marketing.

1. Over-expand your product or opportunity. The facts are enough. Maybe you believe that your product is the best, and you start to modify the results of the product. You start telling others that if it doesn't, it will cure all the diseases. In addition, you over-exaggerate the results of the compensation. To be honest, this is enough.

2. Inconsistent. You can't be hot or cold. You must be consistent in your efforts and then you will fail. If you are inconsistent, not only will any teams you build not pay attention to you.

3. Negative emotions. Do you have anyone who is always around is negative? Do you like it? This is how you feel when you start a negative comment on your online, your company or the entire online marketing industry. You need a positive attitude because negative attitudes will put your organization together.

4. Unstable. "A week of thoughts." You need to be stable in your organization. Don't tell your organization within a week that you have to do one thing and then do the next thing. After a while, people in your organization won't follow you. They will give up.

5. Sleep. Why you organize outside of the organization is one thing, but what you do inside the organization can kill it. If you are married, you need to be loyal to that person. If you are not not sleeping with the opposite sex in your organization. Your reputation or lack of reputation will stifle your organization.

6. Steal the dealer. Whether it is good or bad, if you know someone who is happy in the organization, don't steal them and bring them to your organization. It is just not professional. You are a companion, not a predator.

7. A rebound from the company to the company. Decided to take root deeply in your roots. Sometimes you need to take action, but if you work with a great company, just stick to it and build your reputation in the company. Don't be a changer every two years.

Mistakes are inevitable, you always make mistakes, but you need to stay away from these seven fatal mistakes that will kill your internet marketing company. Stick to it and stay consistent, you will succeed in the company.

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