Internet marketing tool scandal and how to profit from it

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As early as the early 1980s, when online marketing really worked, the so-called online marketing tool scandal caused a huge controversy.

Basically, successful dealers are creating these huge downlines and are beginning to monopolize by selling books, CDs, tapes, memberships, etc. to existing team members and registered newcomers.

Once, I think some of the MLM companies that spread huge teams in their views [most of which did not happen with their MLM knowledge] began to “request” people to buy these tools to develop their business.

Of course, this makes the people in these large teams occupy huge funds, but the consequence of this situation is that their downline personnel can not replicate their success.

The reason is that they are unable to access these online marketing “tools” and they spend a fair amount of money trying to keep up with the monthly fees associated with these tools on their regular monthly car store.

As a result, Internet marketing companies are surrounded by a mistrust, because people start to think that you can't make money in actual MLM companies, unless you can sell them, then your average dealer can't create these multiple income types at all. Product flow.

Therefore, the lawsuit was filed because some people think that the online marketing tools business is considered illegal and unethical, because most of these high-level dealers actually earn most of the money by selling these tools instead of the products themselves.

Today's MLM industry is regulated and dealers cannot ask people to buy these commercial building tools.

The problem now is not that the MLM platform actually does not make the people of this industry rich, because these people have indeed established a huge organization, and they continue to create surplus income until today.

So the system works.

The problem is not even that they sell books, CDs and other sources of income to their team. The real problem is that they ask people to buy them!

Today's online marketing tools…

Now, by creating the World Wide Web and "Instant Access" technology, your regular network marketer has access to the products and services that are available to customers and can be used to build multiple revenue streams.

We also understand that the top producers in the MLM industry are more successful because they are not only their MLM companies and products, but also because they can provide other resources for their markets and profit from them.

What has been shunned in the past is the current standards of online marketers, who want to be economically successful – of course, minus mandatory prerequisites! =]

#1 New internet marketer's error.

In addition to their MLM business, novice online marketers have failed to exploit their own “tools”.


One reason is that they don't even know they can…

They don't know how to find the right product tool..

They don't know how to sell it.

Please note that in fact, 97% of the people who open your MLM business will say no to your business. Even if your potential customers say "No, thank you," you must have a way to generate income.

This is where your online marketing tools come into play.

If you can create a way to offer potential customers something that is not of interest to you, such as e-books, CDs, free training, etc., you can not only make money, but if you do, when the time is right for them, This potential customer is more likely to join you because now you have given them some value they can benefit from.

They now know, like and trust you…

4 profit centers for top online marketers:

You need to have 4 profit centers [tools] to have a truly profitable business.

The purpose of having a "profit center" is to increase the cash flow of the business. These are the sources of revenue that every top industry in the industry is now implementing in its MLM/family business, and you should do the same.

In fact, it is much easier to sell a product to someone than to a business opportunity, and it is even easier to sell the business to an existing customer.

Here are the 4 net profits you have [you keep 100% profit] center.

  1. Products that provide value to your niche market. – All top income earners sell their products [join products]

  2. Continuous income – Even if someone withdraws, they will pay for continuous income or residual income [the tutoring program ongoing on the member's website – monthly webinar].

  3. High fare revenue – Believe it or not, high-priced goods [$1,000 and above] are selling very well, and selling high-priced items to existing customers is easier than selling high-priced items to new customers.

  4. Your internet marketing opportunities and products

Finally, you can provide business opportunities to build residual income and intergenerational wealth.

No top income earners focus on their business rivals…

They have valuable online marketing tools and products that put them in a leadership position, which by default attracts more people, which in turn leads them to register more business opportunities.

Seriously, this is the formula for success!

They had the right ideas in the early 1980s, they just went to extremes and didn't teach others how to do the same.

Internet Marketing Tools – Big Questions

Unfortunately, getting such products and services is not an easy task, especially for the new MLM. Not only do you need to own these products, but you must be able to place them where they can reach the target market and find time to implement them all.

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