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Christopher Terry. During the day, stock traders. In the evening, network marketing genius. Terry will resign from his main day-to-day work due to his second "night" job. The real surprise is that he will complete the job in just five months after joining his internet marketing company.

Within the network marketing company, Terry is the leader and mentor. He did not give up his downline members. He informs us about company activities and policies almost every day. He let us know that he is here to support us; as long as we are willing to do this work, he will do everything he can to help us succeed. He is a dream sponsor for online marketers.

How did he do it? What is his secret? I sat down with him to find out and share his ideas for success.


Thank you for giving me this interview, Chris.


: Thank you, Dennis!

D: How long have you been working as a stock trader in your career?

C: I have been a stock and futures trader since the mid-1990s. I have a construction company before. I want to be able to work from home and make money. Although I started trading in 1995, I was unable to leave my construction industry and trade full time until 1998.

D: How successful have you been doing this?

C: I am doing very well. I find it fascinating to be able to create wealth from home. I like the fact that a person can come up with a relatively small amount of money and create a growing source of income; however, it is all based on your own efforts. For example, in my business, if I don't trade, I won't earn income. In addition, the transaction requires years of dedication, time and energy to succeed; in other words, there is no overnight fame.

D: I know that you are a leader and motivational speaker in the industry. Share with me how you got to this level.

C: I actually worked for Amway for a few years in the 1990s. I am very fortunate to be successful in this company in the United States. Then I went overseas because Amway opened up new markets, which gave me the opportunity to start an international business. I am "positive thinking" about online marketing experience, because Amway's leaders always recommend that we read positive thinking books and listen to positive thinking tapes. At that time many people thought it was "brainwashing." Today it is called the Law of Attraction. Therefore, it is a cool thing to do before positive thinking and attraction rules. This period of my life gave me the foundation for my spiritual and economic growth. I started a company outside Amway and I started trading business.

D: What qualities do you think can help you succeed in your trading career?

C: I have to say vision and vision. I look at the future of things, not them, and then I take action. I have been taking action and I am not worried about whether this action is right or wrong. The worst thing is to have an idea and a plan, but never really do anything to implement the plan. Failure to do something is better than never doing anything. Once I realize that I have the ability to be anyone, no matter what I want, I always have the motivation to succeed. Success has four letter words, spelled W-O-R-K; reality is worth the job, trading and internet marketing are included!

D: Do you think these same qualities will help you build an online marketing business?

C: Those who also read positive thinking about books and books about success and the fear of overcoming my conversations with people. I was very shy when I was growing up, so I learned to say "嗨" and start a conversation, really interested in other people and what they had to say. I am not afraid of work; if I have to dig trenches, I will be the best ditches. I believe that once your mentality is correct and you learn to ask the right questions, the game will win 90% of the victory, and success will be yours.

D: Tell me how you are involved in internet marketing.

C: Interesting story! I dated a girl, she boasted that her boss earned $5,000 a month in some business, I should talk to him, so I did. He signed me a name, then my girlfriend, the one who told me to talk to him, asked me to give up, because this is Amway! I told my sponsor that I had some problems and I had to quit. He told me, "Get rid of the problem." So, I broke up with my girlfriend and established Amway. As you know, I have achieved great success in this business!

D: Have you been familiar with internet marketing before?

C: No, I am not.

D: Before joining your first internet marketing company, what do you think of online marketing, and perhaps a preconceived notion?

C: I don't know what it is. All I know is that I have to bring people to do business, sell some products, and I will become rich. Unfortunately, it is not like that!

D: Can you elaborate on this idea? Most of us enter the industry with the same ideas, and we end up experiencing the same rude awakening you just described, it is from

Do not from

 Just as easy as they make it sound. So, for those who haven't read online marketing and are considering it, and those who have started and may have failed, please explain what you mean.

C: Well, of course, you are not just entering and getting rich, this is the most common misunderstanding about online marketing. Some people enter the industry and think that everyone they know will get along with them. Then someone said that they have this "one person, if he comes in, he will make us rich, he knows everyone!" This is the farthest thing in the truth. This business is a digital game. To be successful, you must get people out of business every day so that they can meet new people and tell others about our dynamic opportunities. The more people you reach, the more likely you are to find someone who wants to be a member of your team and earn income with you. This is the case from the first day; even if you might have a list of 100 or 500 people you know, you still want to be in creative mode and call ABC in the way I like it – always a contact. You don't know where the next million dollars of revenue come from.

The hardest thing for me is that I can't bring my spiritual and spiritual feelings to my heart and motivate me to give them to others, even though I hope. The truth is that everyone must find their own will, desire and desire to succeed; without them, they will eventually achieve some success like others, but they cannot really create wealth. We all know or have heard that 98% of people in this great country are bankrupt and have no serious facts about backup plans; if they lose their jobs or business, they will leave poverty for 90-120 days. People can blame the government, but the responsibility ultimately falls on each of us. We should be proactive because we don't actually need and start our own home-based business, which will benefit us from 98% and 2% of the income earners.

The final thought on this topic is: I think the reason most people fail in the online marketing industry is that they see it as a job rather than their own business. When you behave as if you are just another job, no matter how much you pay, you can do the least amount of work. These people want to work for hours and get rich right away. Unfortunately, this does not happen in online marketing. Those who invest time and energy to grow their business can see the vision of the future even if they don't have income at first. At the beginning, they worked 20 hours of zero-day wages every day because they found that they invested 2000 hours of work a day in 20 hours, and eventually paid 10,000 hours in zero hours. Fortunately, in our business, the reward for our work is amazing, but if you don't expand with people, you won't be able to take advantage of the real revenue potential of online marketing.

D: Thorough and well said. I would like to add that when you say that a person should always be in a creative mode, in addition to working ABC, I think the creative part should be suitable for marketing your business. Be creative in marketing. Think outside the box and create many different marketing campaigns. Use technology and the Internet. The more times you put yourself there, the more you can reach what you said, Chris, this is the company’s maximum exposure to as many people as possible, so you can add a large number of new members to you. The chance of the downline. I do this myself every day, and I also talk to people every day to establish new connections, as you recommend.

Going back to my question, what was your initial thought when you were introduced to a particular business we were together with?

C: I have been actively looking for an online business. I am not looking for internet marketing/multi-level marketing, I am always looking for a state-of-the-art online business where I can earn residual income. When I saw this business, it was in a cutting-edge industry, operating in 170 countries, providing strong revenue opportunities without sponsors, but through sponsors, it provided the ability to create wealth and long-term residual income. . They say that to be successful, you need a product that people want, need and can afford. This product will be used over and over again and is ideal in the market. I found it!

D: We already know that this is not the only internet marketing business you are involved in. What else besides Amway and us?

C: I saw a few people along the way, but I did not participate.

D: Why not?

C: Well, I am a high-income earner in the trading world, whether as a trader or an educator. I have been doing this for 17 years, and nothing can make me fully aware of this. I have seen many companies, products and services. When I saw the industry opportunities you were with me, I saw a young, energetic, and popular industry. It has a place in the market because it satisfies people's desire to find bargains and/or close deals. Also, it is very profitable, so I want to be part of it. I went advanced, and as I grew up, I gradually learned about it. I have not looked back. I have built an incredible team that is achieving leapfrog development. You are a member of the team, Denise, an amazing student and a member of the downline.

D: Thank you, Chris! How do other internet marketing companies you analyze compare to the companies you are with me?

C: They can't compare.

D: In addition to what you have said about our company when you actually found it, what made you think this is a company that joined?

C: I don't have a product that I carry with me. I don't have juice or vitamins to buy or sell. I don't sneak my family and friends, and I don't have to sell cheaper and expensive products that I can buy at the store. We get paid advertising. period.

D: Now, I want to share your own secrets of online marketing success with readers. Please tell me what is useful to you?

C: Relationship is everything; your network is your net worth. I am always in the process of creation, always open the door to newcomers, say hello, break the deadlock, and engage in dialogue. In online marketing, our job is to use time and money; no one is in your team, this is impossible. I recommend really setting up a gathering for other people, attending events, whether it's a show or a business event, or any great people who might want to work with them. I also recommend talking to people you don't usually talk to, and may even make you feel a little uncomfortable; those are often your best prospects. We tend to feel heroic because we get the number of Mc Donalds driving windows; at the same time, when we see someone wearing a beautiful suit and tie and just assuming they have succeeded, we will get the wrong impression of success, so we Didn't say anything to them because we think they are fully aware and don't need to change in their lives. Both of these people may be your best prospects, or your worst, but unless you open the door and say something to break the ice, you will never know. For the "successful businessman" [or we assume] that we are often afraid of approaching, you can start with something simple, "Hey, good tie, where do you get it?" and then look at the boot position of the session.

D: Have you done anything that is not working well?

C: Yes. As I mentioned before, it takes years to become "one night fame." I have made it, will make it, and will continue to make mistakes. Failure is ok; the more you fail, the more you will win. Immunization against failure is the key to success. You may want to know why I said this. Well, if you have a person who is not used to failure and thinks that the failure is bad, then when he/she hears "no" enough time, it will damage his/her confidence and the person is afraid to continue working hard. However, if you are not afraid of failure, you will not let those "no" stop you. Instead, you will be more motivated to find those who say "yes" to your chances or speeches. Become a successful loser. This applies to any business!

D: What is a commercial building concept that you can share? You think this is the main reason you are today. You are about to withdraw from the transaction and are about to start some important life journeys, whether it is a literal or a metaphor?

C: First, let me clarify some very important things. The term "retirement" is widely used in the online marketing industry. I have been trading for 17 years and it is time to take a break. I think I will not use it for a long time? No, it has been and will always be my passion. I have established my own name and reputation as a trader and educator, so I will definitely return to this industry; however, I welcome action now.

I like to help and give others, so this is my current mission. Nothing is better than creating profits in online marketing and helping others create wealth in the same way. Then, let my major re-integrate into it, and profit as a trader is also a home run! However, I do have the freedom to work or not; this is how much income I create in the online marketing business. The main reason I am where I am today is that I will do anything; I will work 100 hours in 24 hours until I succeed. As I said before, for me, the main ingredient is the four-letter curse, W O R K… my low-level "IQ" ["I quit"] level!

D: Finally, you are very excited about the internet marketing company we are together with. What is the trait of this company to make it so beautiful? Based on this, what should people look for in their own internet marketing company, or when they decide to join?

C: Well, recently I seem to sleep no more than 3 hours a night! The vitality of the team, the company and the industry has been popular in the world, which makes me "as you said"! I believe I mentioned earlier that I like our company because no products are free to use and I don't try to sell products or services that I don't want to friends and family. I am contacted by other internet marketing companies, involving the sale of legal insurance, utility companies, juice companies, vitamin companies, weight loss companies, your name! I found ours so simple; our job is to advertise, no more than two minutes a day. I am from Amway World. I got a Ph.D. in internet marketing. In my opinion, the ideal situation is that you don’t need a person to sponsor people to succeed, but provide from

opportunity from

 Because you earn more income from

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 Sponsor, train and motivate others, and once you help them earn income, you get extra bonuses. I am from a world. When you help enough people to get what you want, you will get what you want. Everyone has their own version that works best for them. Some people may like a particular industry. My advice? Do your due diligence, figure out your enthusiasm, and stick to it. that's it.

I want to thank Mr. Terry for taking the time to answer these questions so thoughtfully.

In the side note, Christopher Terry is one of the most benevolent and charitable people I have ever seen, and he has not created much publicity or praise for his generosity. He strongly believes that "this is for you." I am honored to meet him and I am very happy that we are doing business together.

So you have it. Christopher Terry's story and his skills to help you succeed in your own internet marketing company. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email denise@bettermlmsuccess.com.

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