Introduction of ASP.NET

ASP.NET is the combination of two words one is ASP and another is .NET. ASP means active server pages and .net means, the dot operator is used to access specific methods within the .NET framework class libraries. First comes ASP, it have some limitation so after this ASP.NET come. It is developed by Microsoft Company in January 2002 with version 1.0 of the .net framework.

ASP.NET is a framework where we can develop web pages and websites. It is a server side web application framework. By using this framework we can produce web pages, dynamic websites, static websites etc.

For developing websites Microsoft offered a set of development tools like Visual Studio. Visual studio has many predefined tools which are using for web development. In Visual studio we can not only develop websites, but also we can develop mobile application like as Windows app and we can also develop desktop application. So we can say that in the Visual studio we can develop software application, desktop application and mobile application. support visual basic, Jscript and other open source language. ASP.Net is built on the .NET framework, it provide application programming interface (API) for software programmers.

ASP.NET is a development framework for building web pages and web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting. ASP.NET Website published on web server that supports ASP.NET applications. IIS (Microsoft Internet Information services) web server support web application. But many open source web server full support ASP.NET applications like as Linux based web pages have .aspx and .aspx.cs extension of web pages & It support there different models which are following in the page:-

*Web pages
*MVC (Model view controller) and
*Web Forms


*ASP.NET web pages are called web Forms. These Web forms are contained in files with an “.aspx” extension. The.aspx files containing XHTML code. The web pages have extension .aspx.vb (visual basic) or .aspx.cs (for C#).
*ASP.NET have two pages first is designing where we can use ASP.NET predefined tools its extension is .aspx and another is C# it have aspx.cs extension.

ASP.NET Syntax-

The ASP.NET syntax is written in tags.


ASP.Net Application support MS SQL database. It is also Microsoft version.
ASP.NET server controls-

Sever control we use in for control purpose these are the tags which can easily understood by the web server. These are defined three types in ASP.Net.

*HTML server controls- It have all HTML tags.
*Web Sever Controls – It has Tags.
*Validation Server Control- These tag we used for input validation check.

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