Introduction to Immunotherapy

Introduction to Immunotherapy
Facilitator: Dr Elaine Vickers Dr Elaine Vickers, Science Communicated Ltd’s Founder and Principal Trainer, has a Degree in Medical Science, a PhD in Molecular Biology and over ten years experience in communicating science to a wide range of audiences. She has worked as a science communicator for three of the UK’s leading medical research charities, including four years in the Science Information team at Cancer Research UK.When training, Elaine’s energetic and approachable style ensures that delegates not only gain new knowledge and insight, but also have a hunger to learn more. Course description:   A beginners guide to the science behind  cancer immunotherapy. The science behind new cancer immunotherapies is highly complex. This Elaine Vickers, Science Communicated  evening course  will demystify the science behind these treatments. Participants will go away equipped to explain and discuss a wide variety of immunotherapies with patients and colleagues. Topics Covered: - How cancer cells survive and thrive alongside millions of white blood cells - The mechanism of action of antibody therapies that target cell surface proteins such as EGFR, HER2 and CD20 - The science behind checkpoint inhibitors that target CTLA-4 (e.g. ipilimumab), PD-1 (e.g. nivolumab, pembrolizumab) and PD-L1 (e.g. atezolizumab, durvalumab) - Car T cell therapy for leukaemias, lymphomas and solid tumours - Vaccine-based treatments such as peptide vaccines and oncolytic viruses (e.g. T-VEC)   Learning Outcomes - Participants will be able to understand how cancer cells influence the patients immune system - They will understand why T cells are the focus of most cancer immunotherapies - To understand many scientific concepts such as:  T cell activation; the role of checkpoint proteins; how T cells can be genetically altered to fight cancer Fees: £50 (NHS Staff) £80 (Non-NHS Staff) IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ (PARKING) Car parking is very limited at the hospital so please make alternative arrangements where possible. We do have a park and ride service from Christie Fields, M21 7QS that you are able to use.  Booking Terms & Conditions:  1.     Your place will only be confirmed once The Christie receives payment or the production of an official purchase order to confirm that your trust are willing to pay your delegate fees  2.     Once your place is confirmed, you will be sent a confirmation email informing you of your place. Bearing this in mind, please write legibly on your booking form and ensure that your email address is correct  3.     Joining instructions, including directions to the venue, will be posted to you two to four weeks before the course commences. This will contain details of how to get to The Christie and an up to date agenda.  4.     If you are applying for an early bird discount, please make sure that your payment arrives before 1500 on the day the offer ends to ensure that you are charged correctly  5.     Payment should be made before the course commences. If this does not occur, we reserve the right to cancel a booking in the case of non-receipt of payment prior to the day of course  6.     If another member of your organisation is processing your application, please ensure that your booking form (or a copy of it) is sent to the event production team in order to provisionally book a place  7.     In the event of a cancellation, you or your employer will be charged the full fee if you do not inform the course organisers at least 5 working days before the event  8.     There will be an administrative charge of £30 for all cancellations unless a replacement delegate is identified  9.     It is the responsibility of the representative booking the training course(s) to ensure that the event organisers are informed of any special dietary or access requirements  10.  A list of nearby accommodation can be found via the following link  11.  Speaker presentations will not be distributed on the day but delegates will be given a handbook containing information covered in the presentations. With this in mind, you are recommended to bring your own writing materials in order to take notes.   Further information For further information, please contact the events team by emailing or calling 0161 918 7409

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