1. Alex Black Alex Black

    Great and easy to understand introduction to Telephone System! Thumbs up !

  2. Yam Mendoza Yam Mendoza


  3. tropicana Sister tropicana Sister

    hi Eli can you make a series about structured cabling system? unifying all ELV applications. thank you!

  4. havingfun1968 havingfun1968

    Eli, hopefully you can help me. I just need to buy a phone splitter but I have bought them and it was too small. It had two gold prongs in the middle and it looks like 4 plastic one around it. It says 32 on top of it if that helps. and the other thing I can see is CZT if that helps as well. I'm just wondering if there is a name of my land phone line would be, just so I can buy a splitter. As simple as it seems, it has been a pain in the ass. By the way, I am in Las Vegas, so when you said that I thought small world. Is there a specific name I can call mine so when I am looking for this splitter, I can look for the name??? If you could help, THANK YOU so much in advance, and if you cannot help, it's NOT the end of the world. It would just be helpful. Regardless, THANK YOU for your time and Many Blessings to you and your loved ones. Semper Fidelis, and Forever Grateful To Still Be Alive, Captain T, U.S.M.C.

  5. King Scobo King Scobo

    Thanks Eli….that was awesome lesson,Be blessed


    Upload video about T1/E1 lines

  7. Kuleman Dev Kuleman Dev

    this is the first video of you that i'm watching. man i just realize i need to subscribe right NOW. THANK U YOU ARE GREAT!

  8. LJ Knowes Jr LJ Knowes Jr

    Would anyone be interested in development of a "WikEli". Is there currently in existence any good utility to index tech lectures used by students already. This seems like the BASIC lingo everyone should be slinging. Instead of basically encrypting information and putting it in a textbook, (what i feel like they did in 1970's), anyone have any thoughts on migrating these series of clips into a more manicured archive. Maybe something oss like zim but for videos. No offense to YouTube, after all, it's what I'm watching right now, no one can take anything away from what they've built. The recent abundance of instructional series and lectures makes me think, which is worth remarking on the calendar. For reference, and educational use only, I suggest this, not to archive bootlegs or God forbid mp3s and anything else. It would be nice to bookmark the timestamps, pull the chapters you're interested in, Maybe even cache them, whilst you reconfigure whatever you broke the first time you started trying to speak incantations to your router…. And if that's not already a function, hidden deep inside the settings at browse,config,about,… I would contrib (what I'm capable of), if everyone approved, and assuming its not already planned, as a paid subscription service, to be sold in the future. (They would never, right?) I'm kind of hoping there's an app out there already, and I just haven't found it yet. Maybe this isn't the right forum, please redirect me. Ideas. thought. constructive insults… comments on my questionable parentage, I like it all.

  9. Jorge Valdes Jorge Valdes

    hi I like to know how to install a phone system on my business with the option to play music and use the same speakers to use in like over page or over the head any wait to do that?

  10. boboala1 boboala1

    WTF! I like your content and mastery, but the way you use a whiteboard gives me convulsions(!) You have a 4' x 8' (or bigger) board, yet you use only 2' x 3' on the RH margin for ALL your vids! You draw sloppy…reiterate…draw sloppy…reiterate. Move into the center of your futching board, use more than 1 color of marker, pre-draw your figures!

  11. Arijit Majumdar Arijit Majumdar

    Thank you sir

  12. Arbetrayer Arbetrayer

    To anyone just starting this video the sync gets better!

  13. Rahul Chandra Rahul Chandra

    Eli your Awesome …Thank you for the video my guru !

  14. Matt James Matt James

    Great Video Man!!! Excellent Information!!


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