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Citing one of the best investors in the world today, George Soros, he said, "Investment is boring. If you are very happy, you may lose money." What does he mean? He refers to spending hours researching, analyzing and mining the good information needed for a successful investment. Anyone can read a 5-minute article about Bloomberg or CNN Money, but these resources rarely generate information that you need to be successful as an investor. I don't understand why, but it's hard to say that research is hard, good research is harder, no one is free, and if it's good, they won't give up, they use it to become rich.

Think of quality research as insider information; you own it, and if you give it up, you will lose your edge. That's why you have to research it yourself, or at least find a first class service, which is likely to cost you money. You are not working for free, nor are you. Knowledge is power, we live in the information age. Knowing this, you will understand why you don't spend 150 minutes getting gold on Bloomberg or CNN.

More importantly, few people are willing to work hard to research good, reliable information. Most investors reflect our society, they want it now, without any effort, and it is best not to have a cost. It is this attitude that makes them easy to become victims of market professionals who have launched these articles and often benefit those lazy investors who invest in these articles.

This attitude also explains why so many traders lost so much money when oil prices fell. They don't understand the power behind the fall, nor do they understand how the energy market has developed extreme excess production and supply over the past few years. It is actually the most in history. If they complete their homework, they will know that the EIA has warned of oversupply since 2013, and that each US refinery is at or near supply capacity. Instead, investors mistakenly believe that because oil prices are as high as $100, it has to return there quickly, and market forces will drive it there. But market forces have changed dramatically, and many powerful changes have taken place, causing oil to fall at its fastest pace in history.

We now know all the facts, and it is now clear why oil will fall. In fact, since the facts have disappeared, many mainstream sources suggest that we can even see $20 in oil. But it doesn't matter, the damage is done and the move has taken place. Whether we want to rise to $20 is not as important as dropping from $110 to $45. With the exception of Saudi Arabia and some Middle Eastern countries, no one is now making money on oil. They have the lowest cost per barrel of any manufacturer in the world, which is why they don't mind keeping the prices constant, they know they will be the last person, and then they can raise the price to the level they want. But they can't do it until the game is cancelled.

See the game being played? If they know this, do you think traders will bet on falling oil prices? No way, they will make money like some people to make short oil. So, the name of the game is information, the more your name, the more money you make. Don't be embarrassed, but don't assume that anyone who charges you a lot of money will provide good information. Choosing the source of information is the most important decision you make for your investment. At Vancouver Wealth Management, our strength lies in information. Our customers know its value, and because they profit from it, the cost is perfectly reasonable.

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