Investment or not investment – the dilemma of Dubai's real estate industry

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Readers who are rolling out the answers to Dubai's real estate investment dilemma for hours are familiar with the challenges. Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates has a rich history, interspersed with trade, oil, industry and property.

This history goes beyond a future that promises to be suitable for expansion and investment. But the plight of Dubai's real estate investment in the region has raised questions about its feasibility. It's time to make these things easier and announce that the UAE is not the best, but the best place to invest.

First, the UAE has consistently demonstrated its strength as an investment destination and won the 13th most promising family economic investment title in 2017-19. The region expects global investment to exceed $1.8 trillion in 2018 [up 5% from 2017].

Due to its strategic position in the global landscape, it offers the best investment opportunities for top real estate companies in Dubai. In 2017, Thomson Reuters reported that the UAE served nearly 2.4 billion market traders in just five hours.

The region is also the third most attractive investment destination in the infrastructure sector.

With the implementation of more than one hundred smart city plans, investors have many opportunities as part of the planned planning of the upcoming World Expo. More than a thousand government services have become smarter in 2017.

Real estate investment trust

Real estate investment trusts or real estate investment trusts in the UAE are increasingly gaining in common. The country's real estate investment trusts sector rose sharply in 2017, including ENBD REIT's acquisition of The Edge, Uninest and South View School.

Although they only account for a small portion of the industry, they are expected to be a good way for small investors to enter the market.

Freehold freedom

The launch of the Freehold Property Act in Dubai in 2002 was the first platform to allow foreigners to buy, sell and lease properties.

The Act assisted in the launch of several projects such as “New Dubai” and “New Dubai”. Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Tower and UAE living area contracted.

This helps to promote the development of architecture, architecture, engineering and other real estate services. Over time, Dubai has become a global hotspot for attracting the best and brightest investments.

High return on investment [ROI]

The ultimate goal of any investment is to get more returns. The UAE has a real estate market that thrives with population growth.

Since the global financial crisis, Dubai real estate assets have brought investors a return of 120%. The remains of the area confirm that Dubai's real estate investment real estate is second only to the Nasdaq index.

In the first quarter of 2017, the Dubai Lands Department reported that the value of the transaction for the first three months of this year was 7.7 billion dirhams [about 20.9 billion US dollars], higher than the 5.4 billion dirhams from January 2016 to March 2016 [ $14.89 billion].

The 2018 data shows a similar trend, with total transactions in the first three months reaching Dh58 billion to 13,759 sales. The 9,092 transaction value of the constituent stock was approximately 1.9 billion dirhams, 3,717 mortgage transactions worth more than 30.6 billion dirhams, and the other 950 transactions worth 8.4 billion dirhams.

In the first quarter, it attracted 5,041 foreign investors and conducted more than 5,000 transactions with a total value of more than 10 billion dirhams.

All these figures portray a boom in the real estate industry in the UAE, ending the issue of investment or not.

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