Is ' Venom' shows what happens when someone has a healthy relationship with their aggression?

A few months ago, one of my friends said that he had seen venom, which is a good movie. I finally watched this movie with another friend, I don't think it is too bad.

Soon after I saw it, I felt that it seemed to lack something because I found it difficult to really connect with the movie. After a few hours, my focus on the film was replaced by what I thought was the real content of the film.

Back to earth

After discovering a comet covered by a symbiotic life form, the film began to fall on the ground at the beginning of the film. One of the symposists eventually took over a woman and quickly took over.

The other three symbiosis organizations eventually returned to San Francisco's search facility, and found that they could not survive without an oxygen breathing host. It was at this time that we met Eddie and his fiancée Anne, who seemed to love deeply.

Calm before the storm

When Eddie used it as Anne's home, he would look at standardized documents that explain the ongoing work of the Life Foundation. His fiancée has these documents because she is a lawyer who is preparing to defend the foundation.

When Eddie interviewed Charlton, he presented something he saw on his fiancee laptop. The result was that both Eddie and Anne were fired, which caused the garbage to end the relationship.

Observe carefully

Of course, it was difficult to get to Eddie; not only did he lose his job, but his fiance also left him. However, although Eddie is not a good person, he is not a full of life.

So, if anything, what happens will eventually add more pain to his life. When his neighbor played the instrument loudly, making him unable to sleep, but when he did not do anything, his passiveness is an example.

One extreme to another

When Brock went to the research agency to find evidence, he noticed the woman who bought paper from the street. However, this did not proceed as planned because her symbiosis was eventually transferred to him.

Since Eddie has this parasite, he is no longer a person who endures bad behavior. His existence was taken over, which gave him the power of Superman, the power that humans could not handle.

Back to normal

Once Eddie had just destroyed the SWAT team trying to kill him, Anne took him to her boyfriend's office. This was when the parasite was removed from Eddie with the help of an MRI machine, and then he returned to normal humans.

But even if he does not have the same strength, using this parasite in his body gives him more confidence. One thing that emphasizes this is when he contacts one of the security guards.

come together

Eddie is able to kill another symbion, and it seems that his internal symbiosis has also died. It will soon be found that it is still in Eddie; the only difference is that it is now integrated into his presence.

Without this parasite, Eddie was very fragile, and when the parasite took over, Eddie lost control. Now that they have merged with each other, they have the ability to do a lot of good things in the world.

An important process

At that time, Eddie did not have a good relationship with his aggression. This part of him is likely to point to himself through his inner citric acid, which makes him depressed, passive and depressed.

The next step is that his aggression is externalized, which leads him in a destructive way. It is no longer absorbed by him; his external environment must handle it.

In the end, he was able to reach the point where he no longer pointed to himself, and he no longer felt the need to point it to others. By developing a healthy relationship with his nature, he can use his inner strength to become a powerful human being.

in conclusion

Is this what the film/manga author thinks when writing is a question that I can't answer, but this is my explanation for it. The internal aggression of someone gives them the energy they need to live a real life.

When this part of them is not integrated, it can cause them to hurt themselves or harm others, or to alternate between the two. Often trauma can lead to an unhealthy relationship with someone in this part of the body.

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