Is buying a swimming pool above the ground a good idea?

The use of above-ground swimming pools may be a good choice. In fact, 20% of our installation is for swimming pools. However, there are some things to be aware of when doing this effort. Due to rust problems, I do not recommend any swimming pool for more than 5 years. Anything older than this should be careful. Don't consider swimming pools buried on hillsides or lots of backfilled pools around. It may look good from the outside but believe me, every part of the swimming pool that comes into contact with dirt and moisture will rust and corrode. Look for a swimming pool completely on the ground [without backfilling].

The parts of the pool that are affected by rust include the bottom wall passage, the foot plate, the hardware and the bottom edge of the pool wall. The second aspect of concern is the skimmer and return. Again, look for rust, corrosion and cracks in the skimmer and walls. In this area, light surface rust can be polished and painted, but any corrosion through the metal is not good. Plan to buy new linings and plastic linings to deal with. The gasket for the skimmer and return also needs to be replaced. As the pool drains, the liner shrinks and as the plastic top becomes weak, the plastic top over the lining of the top of the wall for protection. I will also check for cracks and leaks in the filters and hoses during operation. If the filter is running, check the water and see how it looks, if it is green and dark there may be a filter problem. If it has a sand filter, plan to get new sand, and finally, never consider a pool that is not assembled, because there is always the possibility of losing something. good luck!

To step through the photos of the swimming pool installation and renovation project, please feel free to visit our website.

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