Is free transportation worth the price you pay?

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One of the biggest problems facing beginner marketers is where to find traffic. Of course, in the early days, spending a lot of separate ads or not advertising is not always an option, especially if you choose the wrong provider or don't make the right choice, you might spend a lot of money to get very little. The return, which leads to despair, and the whole thing is called a scam. If you can get some return with low-cost or no-cost traffic, it's easier to keep people and make success more likely.

So what are the free traffic sources?

Let's start here – use from

Article marketing from


Article marketing is not for everyone. Mastering good written English is very important, as is the desire to write. It is not a short-term thing either. You need to be patient enough to find your article, and one of the best ways is to write a large number of articles, preferably around the same or similar topics. Links captured by links are best placed in the resource box at the bottom of the article. Keep in mind that some article repository sites are very picky about the type of links you use. On the plus side, your link will always exist, or at least as long as the repository is still in business.

Link exchange

This is an effective idea, but some trust can be taken. You can find people who have similar offers to you and put your links on their download page in exchange for their links. The downside is that it requires a certain amount of traffic to get started. If no one visits their website, no one will see your website. The problem with trust is that once your back is turned, they won't delete your link [or you won't remove the soul], and you will send the same amount of traffic to each other.

Video marketing

This depends on certain skills, just like article marketing. Careful study of possible themes, finding popular things, and then making any style of video [talking heads, cartoons, presentations] is paramount, and research may take more time than video [or article] creation.

Everything related to any advertisement takes time and/or money. If you can put both in, then you can achieve great success. If you don't have much money, then you need to invest a lot of money in time. This may be the biggest setback for novice marketers – forget that, like any other business, online marketing will require research and always take some time to do.

Observers will notice that I did not mention Search Engine Optimization [SEO] as a free traffic method. This is because although some of them are within your control, many are not, depending on the search engine you like to do [at least this week]. If they change their perception of something cute, then your work will be wasted.

Stick to something more controllable

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