Is GPS vehicle tracking equivalent to "Big Brother"? '

When people asked about my business, I told them, “My company provides a GPS vehicle tracking system.” Their responses let me know if they are employees or business owners.

The first sentence in the employee's mouth is: "Sounds like "Big Brother" "For me. Oh no, not ' Big Brother!' I thought of a mentally controlled drone that works like a slave. They will soon walk away.

' Big Brother? ' What is wrong with monitoring the business of the vehicle? Or make sure their employees are doing the work they are doing? Who owns these vehicles anyway? Does the owner have the right to know how they are used?

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe that employees should be trusted and treated as adults. However, if you drive a rental vehicle in a different way than the one you own, you know how employees are abusing the company's vehicles.

Take the speeding staff as an example. Employees who drive too fast will waste your petrol and wear your vehicle too early, and sooner or later you will increase your insurance rate.

The GPS Vehicle Tracking System can alert you when someone exceeds your preset speed limit. It's your vehicle, fuel and insurance; the tracking system helps you regain control of them.

Who uses your vehicle after work and on weekends? Does the employee use your vehicle for moonlight exposure? Is he using his petrol to move his brother-in-law into a new apartment? You will know if you have a GPS vehicle tracking device installed in your vehicle.

How do you verify overtime claims? Maybe you can verify that the work is done, but when? Using the GPS tracking system, you can cross-check the location of the vehicle based on the time of day of the vehicle.

Have you ever thought about extending your lunch time? Think your employees may be tempted, especially if they are not outside the boss's eyes? The GPS tracking system records the time each vehicle stays in one location; use it to stay honest.

Another benefit of the GPS vehicle tracking system is that you will never call again to find out where your employees are – just look at the map displayed on your computer screen. In addition, your GPS tracking system will remind you when to rotate tires, change oil or perform other scheduled maintenance. Also, many insurance companies offer up to a 30% discount on vehicles protected with GPS tracking systems.

Employees also benefit when the company's vehicles are equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system.

  1. The handwritten driver log will be replaced with the data in the tracking system.
  2. Using gps to track information in the system, you can quantify and compare the productivity of each employee; you can measure employee performance more objectively.
  3. Your dispatcher can view and instantly find all of your vehicles on your computer screen.

Customers can also benefit from GPS vehicle tracking systems. The establishment can provide a precipitation arrival or delivery estimate because the estimate is based on the actual location of the vehicle equipped with the tracking device when they call. If the customer asks a question when your employee arrives or leaves – use the data in your tracking system to provide them with questions.

Still think that GPS tracking system is a tool for "big brother"? ' I think it depends on your point of view.

The concept of "big brother" will never think of business owners. The business owner will say, “Tracking how my vehicle can help my business make more money?” They want to know what GPS vehicle tracking can do for them.

Is the GPS vehicle tracking system and big brother? ' – You tell me.

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