Is it a pay-per-click advertising?

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Pay per click [PPC] advertising from

 , also known as pay-per-performance or paid search, is still one of the quickest and most direct ways to boost your business and bring targeted traffic to your website.

Although getting a high-natural [free] search engine ranking will be good; organic rankings do take some time to take effect. And because tens of thousands of site owners are competing for the same keyword search terms, getting popular rankings for popular search terms is a challenging prospect [and very rare] based on organic search engine optimization. .

How does pay-per-click advertising work?

PPC is really simple. Search engines like Google make money by selling ad space to site owners, and are usually the space you see on the right side of the search results page and at the top of the page; highlighted in blue. To list your site here, you must pay or bid on keywords for your competitors; although every time you visit, you'll actually only click on your site to search engines. This is basically a pay-per-click ad.

It's worth noting that you only pay the maximum bid for each search term; in general, the higher your bid for a keyword, the more likely you are to be highly visible in search results. Also, in Google, the position of an ad depends on its Quality Score [calculated based on multiple factors], which reflects the relevance of the ad to the search term. In other words, by building a good Quality Score, you can move up the search list by paying a small portion of the other costs. This is one of the reasons why good management keywords are important.

The main benefit of pay-per-click advertising compared to organic search engine optimization alone is that PPC ads can go live in minutes. As your website is up and running with a credit card, you can immediately advertise on top of the web's top search engines. The key benefit is that you can control your budget.

PPC advertising program: Google AdWords and Overture

There are two main pay-per-click advertising programs; from

Google advertising keywords from

 with from

overture from

 [owned by Yahoo]. These two services are designed to deliver targeted, high-quality traffic through their own search engines and premium partner sites, and have recently introduced a number of useful features such as profit tracking and ROAS. Statistical features – great for those who don't have their own e-commerce team.

Google advertising keywords from

 Perhaps one of the most popular services, Overture is that Overture has confusing many advertisers and potential customers by renaming its products many times.

Self-managed PPC activities or SEO consultants?

Many advertisers have problems getting clicks into sales, while other advertisers have no difficulty. A major factor affecting the profitability of PPC campaigns is its management effectiveness.

produce from

Profitable clickthrough rate from

 You must be able to select and bid on the correct, as well as relevant keywords for potential customers. Some keywords have very high bid prices, so you need to be able to determine if it’s really profitable to compete at such a high price. Is it not profitable whether the fourth place will lower the bid and get a lower position? Experienced PPC professionals are very talented in this area to ensure you get the most out of your advertising spend. So if you are not confident; custom hosting PPC activities by SEO professionals may be the best approach. Pay Per Click professionals also have mathematical modeling tools that can manage and filter out keywords that are not executed.

The key to a profitable pay-per-click campaign is to target the right searcher with the right keywords. Professionals in the field of search engine optimization can invest the time and experience needed to effectively manage PPC activities in this competitive and ever-changing arena.

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