Is the live video stream valid?

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Have you found that many people are now broadcasting on social media? With a large number of live streaming social media applications starting to use real-time video and making it easy for users to get online and generate video for their followers, many small businesses are involved and use this technology to their advantage.

The first time you use a live streaming video on your social media, you may feel a bit uncertain, but it's definitely worth the time and effort.

Help remind your followers

When you post on social media, connecting with your audience is a super quick way to let them know that you are active and online. Your followers will receive an alert saying that you are online and that you will be able to see how many of them are interacting with you and watching a live video. For this reason, it enables people who don't normally access your page to see your live video.

Live video is more interesting than other content

You will get more interest by making live videos. Statistics show that the number of people watching live video may be 3-4 times longer than pre-recorded videos.

While you can post videos you have previously recorded, using social media live video is definitely worth it because they are more engaging and fun for pre-recorded videos. Your audience will like to watch something at the actual moment that is happening. It enables them to understand the real business you or the business you are running from behind your website, blogs and social media.

This is straightforward and accessible.

It’s very easy to start streaming videos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you have a smartphone that is less than a few years old, you are well prepared. The video quality provided by the cameras on today's smartphones can only be found on high-priced stand-alone cameras a few years ago.

If things don't go well, you can take it off and start over. Once you delete a video, no one can continue watching the video, and they won’t be able to find what you’ve shot before.

Engage in real time

Live video is a great way to make your audience more aware of you, to be more confident and more interested in you. People watching the video can comment and share their thoughts and opinions in real time.

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