ITIL Certification Preparation : Simplified

ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of standards and practices focused on the IT service management. It focuses on aligning IT and business needs into one. An ITIL Certification is common in the IT service industry. A lesser known fact about this certification is it has three levels. The clearance of the three levels namely foundation, practitioner and manager are essential in order to achieve an ITIL certification. The ITIL Certification Preparation includes a lot of effort on the part of the applicant. However, the study material is available online with practice tests and mock exams to help in better preparation.

A closer look at the three levels of certification will shed some light on its details. The foundation course is an entry level ITIL certification and achieving it will open the doors to better opportunities in the ITIL industry. A successful career in IT requires applicants to be foundation certified. ITIL Certification Preparation provides IT professionals with tools and resources to understand the terminologies used in ITIL. The key area of focus in the foundation course will be the strengthening of the individual’s basic knowledge about ITIL ideologies. The entry level certification is divided into twelve areas of expertise’s which are essential to move forward.

ITIL comprises of different processes that include problem management, configuration management, financial management and capacity management. Clearly the next level of certification is the practitioner’s certificate. It is meant for individuals involved with ITIL process responsibilities. The practitioner’s certificate being the next part of the certification, tests the applicants ability to design processes related to ITIL and implement its associated activities. However the prerequisite to this level is the completion of the foundation certificate. The ITIL Certification Preparation for this level is available online through test takers and services that provide ITIL Mock Exam and Free ITIL Practice Tests. The last level of certification involves the manager’s certificate.

The manager’s certificate is the last leg of the journey in ITIL certifications. Truly, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to clear this level. This level is focused towards experienced professionals and who are involved in the management and implementation of ITIL functions. The level is the most advanced and it tests the applicant’s ability to setup and implement these processes in several organizations. However, the prerequisite to apply for this certification is much more than the completion of the last two levels. Individuals involved in ITIL Certification Preparation for level three should also have a minimum of five years of experience within the IT sector.

Certifications are expensive hence getting them done with the help of a reputed service is a must. There are many online services that offer up-to-date information and course materials that help individuals prepare well for their certification test. Charges might vary across several online services. However, the best guideline while selecting the preferred online service is to look at the version of ITIL they offer. The current version is ITIL V3.

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