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IX Web Hosting first appeared in 1999 and created an extraordinary name for itself in the hosting industry. The company has some very attractive hosting plans to meet the needs of a variety of customers and businesses around the world. Over the years, the company has continued to improve in performance and reliability with more than 1,700,000 domain names. In addition, IX Web Hosting has successfully achieved some amazing customer reviews and positive ratings that reflect higher customer satisfaction. The company's customer service is also impeccable, further enhancing the company's professional image in the highly competitive hosting industry.

Their plans are basically cost effective and are designed to provide value for money. The company designed their plans to allow customers to save money, especially if hosting multiple domain names. Their billing cycle ranges from quarterly, semi-annual to annual and two per year; thus making payment options highly flexible.

If the user wants to host multiple domains or multiple domains; then he can choose to host their single hosting plan [such as an expert program or higher]. Customers are pleased to find that the company does not charge any additional fees for deleting, adding or changing hosted domains or subdomains. In fact, the easy-to-use control panel makes domain management a breeze.

To increase customer satisfaction and increase confidence in potential customers, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee, including setup fees.

The company offers a high level of customer support and even helps users use CGI scripts to upload questions or FrontPage via phone or online chat service. With IX Web hosting, customers get a large amount of 200,000 MB of website space for just $3.95 a month. Their unlimited disk space offer is included in the multi-domain hosting plan for $12.95 a month. All of these are zero-risk 100% full money back guarantees, including setup fees.

Their data entry is located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, with state-of-the-art CISCO routers, high-end security mechanisms and advanced equipment. The company uses five redundant fiber loops to connect its data centers.

Given the above, you can safely host your website in the secure hands of IX web hosting. The company will continue to maintain and promise maximum performance delivery.

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