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    • avatar Benji Friedman 0

      why is it "output" and not "output()" in the final line (line 67)? Since output is a function, I'd expect it to have the parenthesis. Is it because it's being used as a callback?

      • avatar Alex Machin 2

        Im going to be learning Java for my second year of my computing course, looks awesome. Nice overlook, learnt alot cheers dude.

        • avatar kingwindie 2

          so is this beginner level or expert?because i have no idea what is going on,i'm just watching

          • avatar premier69 1

            Thank you very much for your hard work!

            • avatar Learn Chinese 2

              someone get that man a cup of coffee…

              • avatar arshi 1

                I just signed in into youtube to comment. Awesome tutorial! Please make javascript tutorials in future.

                • avatar Ryan Rubidoux-Cosman 1

                  When I go to change view I only get editor layout and the three pictograms…

                  Edit: Save first then I can get to debug mode..

                  • avatar food police 1

                    DOM is fun. Thank you.

                    • avatar Lawrence Hunt 2

                      Awesome stuff. Thanks! New subscriber.

                      • avatar Mac 1

                        Wow, what a dynamic speaker, get this guy on broadway…..

                        • avatar Guilherme Marques 1

                          Whats up with the looks on that Inspect Element view? Is that a Chrome Dev Tools mod/chrome extension? Looks very neat!

                          • avatar Kesus Kim 1

                            This is super informative! I should have watched this a year ago, then I would not suffer so much…

                            • avatar Zim O.E 2

                              It's annoying you can't follow and save an entire playlist from the youtube video. without having to trace that playlist

                              • avatar Hafeez Gul 1

                                hi adam bro plz do you help me im a web designer

                                • avatar kaiser 1

                                  Fcking WIX ad

                                  • avatar KING LATEEF 1

                                    Thanks Adam Recvlohe. Bringer of the Rain. This dude open my eyes. This is my moment of wow wow. Same moment I have when I was learning css positioning. Thanks Mr Spartacus. Please make more video.

                                    • avatar KING LATEEF 1


                                      • avatar Harsimran Singh 1

                                        Sir, you made an awesome example. The way you use the function is amazing. it took me sometime to understand. but i got it.