JavaScript Errors – What They Are and Why They Can Be the Cause of Poor PC Performance

If you've been browsing the web for long at all, you've probably encountered JavaScript errors. They turn up on many web pages, and can cause serious problems with your computer. If you're sick of dealing with these errors, here's a little more information about JavaScript and why it causes these problems.

JavaScript was developed by Netscape, and first released in 1995 along with Netscape 2.0. It's strongly associated with use one the web, and is meant to increase the interactivity of web pages. These formerly static pages were now able to use drop down menus, create pop up windows and mouse roll-overs, to validate information put into web forms and to display animated images.

JavaScript should not be confused with Java, as the former is a scripting language and the other is a largely unrelated programming language. A Java error is an entirely different problem.

These are just a few of the uses of JavaScript, and some of the most common. Unfortunately, while JavaScript is extremely useful, it can also be mis-coded by the person building the page, and errors can occur elsewhere. JavaScript errors mostly happen when there's a problem with the way a page was put together, such as an incorrect code in web form validation. Most of the time, you don't see these errors or their effect at all.

That's because most browsers are able to deal with minor JavaScript errors. The browser handles the error, and your web experience continues as usual. That doesn't mean your registry doesn't contain incorrect information, though. Check it routinely to make sure that your registry hasn't become clogged with wrong information that slows down performance. There's a lot of registry cleaning software out there that can help you take care of this unfortunate side effect of JavaScript errors.

There are also a few things you can do to prevent or reduce the number of JavaScript errors you experience. It's possible to install blockers to prevent you from having to deal with these errors, for instance. You can also turn off JavaScript entirely - this keeps you from being able to access the contents of some web pages, but it also prevents annoying popups and errors. Neither of these solutions is ideal, however.

If you're suffering from a persistent error, one thing you can do is change browsers. There are lots of free browsers on the market, so most of us keep more than one on our computer. So, if an error keeps coming up in FireFox or another browser you usually use, opening the same page in Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, or any number of other programs could fix the problem. Again, keep track of what's happening in your registry, since the error's still there - it's just not causing you problems when browsing.

JavaScript is a useful tool that gives us access to a lot more on the Internet than we'd otherwise be able to get. However, poorly coded JavaScript can cause serious problems, both for your browsing experience and in your registry. Be sure keep an eye on things if you've been experiencing a lot of JavaScript errors.

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