Jelqing and Stretching – Which one is best for men?

The first two exercise methods that everyone has been learning how to get bigger male reinforced size are jelqing and stretching. In order to get a bigger penis in as little time as possible, the confusion usually leads to which one is better.

Jelqing and stretching

Let us first describe in general what these two methods of exercise are.

Jelqing is a hand exercise where you wrap your partner's base with one hand and slowly massage it forward and release it in front of the base. Then you repeat it with your other hand. This is maintained for many sets and representatives. You are usually in a semi-erect state and are well lubricated.

On the other hand, stretching usually involves gently stretching your members, keeping them for a while, releasing them and then repeating some of the representations.

Jelqing results often increase both length and circumference. Stretching is mainly related to the increase in length.

Therefore, when it comes to jelqing and stretching, jelq exercises take advantage of two aspects: length and perimeter.

In addition, it seems that it may take a long time to get the benefits. It works more efficiently when you use stretch along jelq.

But this actually depends on your goals:

  • If you want to increase the length, only stretching exercises may be right for you.
  • If you only want the perimeter to increase [thickness], then jelqing is right for you.
  • If you only want to do a sport, but want length and circumference, then jelqing is for you.
  • If you want the maximum size of the length and circumference, then you should combine jelqing and stretching into a convention.

Most people tend to have the best of both worlds: increase length and increase perimeter. But there are also some men who are unsure or confused about what they really want and whether they should spend time learning how to length or length and length of jelq.

For men who are unsure of their goal of improvement, this is a practical method of male exercise:

  1. Start with a routine that focuses on jelqing movements and assisted stretching exercises. This will get you started and let you experience some size growth in a few weeks.
  2. After you have gained some length wise and the overall size of the perimeter, then decide where you want to start. Everyone is different, and you will want to experience the results in both areas.
  3. You can continue to use jelqs and extensions, or you can specialize in it. In other words, if you want a longer goal, then you can focus more on extension. Or if you want to increase the perimeter, then you can focus on specialized jelqing exercises, such as reverse jelq.
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