Jhumpa Lahiri's "Maladies Translation" – a collection of beautiful short stories

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Beautiful narratives, romantic stories, sometimes unimaginable situations! Short stories are separated from everyday chores and events. These stories are very well written, but in most cases they don't have a fixed start or a clear ending, they just end up abruptly, leaving the reader a little suspense and drawing a lot of conclusions about the future. This is another reason why these stories remain in the reader's mind for a long time.

The novel begins with "temporary things," a story of a young Indian couple who separate and hate each other's existence after losing their first child. Electricity was cut off for one hour at night due to some maintenance work in the residential area. On the first night, the wife started the game, telling the partner what they felt, or doing something that had never been shared before. This situation lasted for a few days, and they were able to tell each other what they had never shared before, just to share the most painful and cruelest of all the secrets of the last day of this temporary blackout.

This short story tells the story of “Maladies translation”, an Indian tour guide with an NRI family to see the Konark temple near Puri, and how does he start when his wife shows some interest in his daily work? Fantasy a new life in the translation/translation of a doctor's office. Does his fantasy come true or collapse in front of his eyes?

Another interesting story in this series is "When Mr.Pirzada comes to eat," this is the story of Bangladesh's split from Pakistan. A story about Hindu Hindu families staying away from India. He invited Mr. Pirzada to go home and dine with them. The elders were so close that they not only shared the meals, but also prayed for the welfare of Mr. Pilzada’s family. The young daughters stepped on Bangladesh until one day, when the war ended, Mr. Pilt Zada ​​managed to go home. This is a very beautiful narrative story!

Then there was an interesting story, “This blessed house,” and a newlywed couple moved into a house and found the house to be special and lucky. How did they realize this? You need to read this book to find out…

All amazing collections, wonderful narratives and very simple language let the reader relax. Definitely worth reading!

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