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You often know when you made a big mistake in your job application. You skip to attach your resume. The version you sent is incorrect. You sent your resume cover letter to Mr. Chris Smith and found that Chris is a girl. But sometimes, you don't have any ideas, you might think that you are doing all the right things. In fact, applicants use some regular job search methods over and over again because they believe that these methods are perfect. In fact, these very same methods may stand on your path and in that wonderful interview. To make sure you have the best probability of getting better at the job you want, here are four general errors and more successful ways to try.

1. Apply for as many jobs as possible.

People often think that job hunting is a quantity game. The extra resume you send is more likely that someone will contact you, right? No. Since applying for hundreds of jobs involves you probably not spending time really investigating your organization and position, tailor each request appropriately and reach out to recent employees who may be able to provide you with insider details.

Similarly, applicants sometimes believe that applying countless positions to an exact organization increases their likelihood of being recalled by one of them. In fact, although this will send out one of three messages: You don't believe what you want, what you need, what you will take, or you don't know what each job needs. In any case, it is not a good thing.

how to solve this problem? Quality, not quantity. Instead of applying to every semi-critical job within 70 miles, start your search by summarizing a concise list of ideal companies and learning anything about them. When they have the opportunity to fit your skills, consider the time to carefully build your application, modify your CV bullets to accurately show how your knowledge is aligned, write custom cover letters, and when they have outstanding guidance Request your new contact. Yes, this strategy requires more time and effort than submitting the same resume over and over again, but your interview score is much more likely.

2. Apply as soon as possible.

Ok, so you simplified your list of companies, one of which just released a character that fits your skills. That's great, so take all the things out as quickly as possible, then click Send to ask for the first request that the employer manager sees. Not only will you show your excitement about the job, but the team may like your application so they don't need to interview anyone else. Newsletter: This has almost no benefit to you.

how to solve this problem? Give it a day or another.

Managers must abandon their application within the first hour of posting a job because they have not completed their application. When you focus on speed faster than anything else, it's easy to lose information, make the name correct, calculate other components, and more. Give your self a day or two to build, edit, and change your elements, making sure you've covered everything you need and letting others see it, which is much better. If you get the guidance of a recent employee, get the total reward again. A great app will be much better than a non-real app, but be prompted every time.

3. Email your resume to unsolicited people.

Let us return to all those who work in a dream company. Meet them and make their radar: very good. Suggestions for asking them to do work there: also great. Send them your resume and attach a note, this is my resume, let me know if you know almost anything I am suitable for! Very bad idea! Of course, in a few cases, you may be successful, but usually only if the organization hires a role that matches your precise skills. But this move can also be explained by your request for your new contact, who used to talk about organizing with you, criticizing your resume for you, seeing if there are any available positions matching, and forwarding your data.

how to solve this problem? : Normal application, then let your contacts know.

Yes, you can and should ask your contact for guidance before applying. Then, if during the course of the action, he or she provides through your resume or advice, this is good. But by no means make this assumption. Think about the suggestions you found and then do very difficult work, just like any other applicant. Check the company's work page, find your dream location, and then send the application through all the required sections.

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