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When I first started painting on the canvas, it was a new experience for me. My first child was only a few weeks old, and when he walked through a store with him, it was interesting to enter and explore the paintings and things on display. The things inside prompted me to buy some and go. Choose some student oil according to the owner's suggestion, which means carrying some canvas boards and brushes with you.

A beautiful photo of Darling River in New South Wales is the source of inspiration for my first painting. Believe it or not, 48 years later, there is work on the wall of my house. Although it is in student oil, it is as good as the day of painting.

Since then, many paintings have followed and graduated from the artist's oil is not a big deal. The results are magical, and as time goes by, they seem to grow in color and perfection. Trying to show something in the exhibition is another experience because it tells me that good paintings are valuable to others and myself.

Gift artists must draw and draw beautiful scenes that are special, and many people have natural talents. This happened to me. As a young child, there are always some paintings pouring out of the paper, using chalk as a medium. That was the main situation that occurred during the Second World War.

Memorizing my reincarnation, it is likely that in my previous life, art was one of my pastimes. Bringing these things from one life to another is what my experience taught me. The reason why this is emphasized is because my other language has followed, and my communication with the Spirit of the Universe continues.

Obviously, the link that led me to the craft shop has been guiding me since then. Painting is one of the wonderful hobbies that make the inner voice heard. It will lead me through everything I do, and it may not be the case when painting and writing.

For those who believe that they will have fun on the canvas to express their talents, nothing can stop them from trying. They don't need to start too much, and no one knows that it might lead them. They don't even need to draw these days because they can be projected onto the canvas and drawn. There are many different technologies and coating media, from watercolors to pastels.

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