July Dream Circle

July Dream Circle
Do you wake from a night of dreams wondering what they may be saying?  Do you notice the play of synchronicities during your waking hours?  Do you have the feeling that there is more to dreaming than simply processing the day's events?  Are you a "frequent flyer" that travels to many exotic worlds through dream? The Active Dreaming Circle is a time and space for you to explore dreaming beyond the night in a small group atmosphere.  While sharing and gathering insight from our night dreams is an important part of the circle, we actively work with ways to bring the gifts from dreams into this world while also bringing the insights of this world back to dreams. ABOUT THE CIRCLE The circle is a coming together of an eclectic group of dreamers that explore and share dreams and dream-like experiences using the tools and techniques of Robert Moss’ Active Dreaming--a synthesis of shamanic, modern, and orginal approaches to dreams and dreaming. We meet once per month and welcome you to join our spirited adventures in a fun, safe, and supportive atmosphere. We typically open up each circle with the Lightning Dreamwork Game to share dreams and visions and receive feedback from the circle; this may lead into transformative and creative play or a deeper dive into the dream images to help the dreamer claim and honor the power of the dream. From there we engage in a variety of activities that tap into our greater senses, discuss dream adventures, as well as make conscious shamanic journeys into dream realms. Dive into a boundless source of insight, inspiration, and healing as we share night dreams, visions of the day, the signs, symbols, and stories that bring meaning and wonder into our lives. Claim the power of play and actively engage with the imagination and the sources of dreams as we dream together for personal empowerment and the benefit of our communities. Help to create bridges between the inner and outer worlds for a fuller experience of living. Many like to bring a journal or notebook and something to write or draw with. Experiences generated within the circle can be quite rich and may be ones you would like record and work with for some time.  Location of the event is emailed with the registration confirmation. Looking forward to exploring the depths of dreaming with you! http://mossdreams.com/ Main website for Robert Moss http://mossdreams.blogspot.com/ Robert Moss blog https://www.facebook.com/activedreaming/ Active Dreaming on Facebook https://visionaryroads.com/ Website and blog for Timothy Yuen [image credit:  Gillian Grossman]

at Private Residence
(address given upon registration)
Boise, United States



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