Key elements to be included in the executive summary

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An executive summary is included in a well-written strategic plan for written and detailed research. This part of the planning document summarizes the key details of the organization or provides a global picture.

Now, depending on the business experts, business coaches or consultants you hire, everyone has their own opinion on what key information should be included in this important executive summary. However, it is likely to agree to use these seven paragraphs to build a powerful document.

Executive summaries are written after the completion of the strategic plan, specifically marketing, sales, growth and innovation, leadership and management, and financial personal plans. In addition, this is a necessary condition for completing the execution of the marketing summary, as some languages ​​should also be obtained from this section.

The first paragraph should explain why the company was founded and the company's initial location and by whom.

In the next paragraph, establish the actual date of the organization, the current name of the principal, and the growth of the employee from the beginning. For example, this may be "When it was founded in 1961, XYZ started to have two employees. Today, about 50 years later, XYZ has grown to 200 employees."

The current physical location of the business or organization should be used with any secondary location. A detailed description of facilities such as square feet can also help provide a clearer picture of the company's physical dimensions.

It's time to showcase the company's solutions [products or services], not only to address customer needs and needs, but also to consider the results and added value of the solution.

The fifth paragraph looks at relationships with any one or more financial institutions. This is also the part of the individual investor that is named and removed from the company charter.

Based on the previous paragraph, the growth information is listed. As long as these references are related to growth, this section can also emphasize recent recognition or rewards.

Looking ahead is the theme of the seventh paragraph. This is the main goal or plan listed in the next three to five years.

By summarizing the big picture, I provide some insights on how the company started, what it is doing now, and how it sees its future direction. By remembering to include the past, the current and future of this document will provide a reliable reference point for any reader. A well-written executive summary should appeal to the reader and may even encourage him or her to read the balance of the strategic plan.

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