Key factors for successful basement renovation

A common problem shared by most homeowners in New York and any other big city is the limitation of space. When providing solutions to such problems, some people will stop looking and see the potential of the unfinished basement. Basement retrofits are indeed your cost and space-saving option, increasing your living area and improving your overall quality of life. For this and other benefits, this makes the project an ideal investment whether you are in Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Long Island.

Before that, you need to know and implement the key factors to succeed in the basement renovation project. Focus on adequate and appropriate waterproofing measures, detailed project planning and selection of contractors to provide you with the best value.


Waterproofing will inject maximum comfort into the basement and allow the home to enjoy the appeal and functionality of the finished space for the longest period of time. Avoid providing a temporary solution to your water problem, because in the long run it will only cost you more and waste your budget allocated to the basement. The breadth of waterproofing will depend to a large extent on the extent of water damage and the problems faced by the basement.

Basement renovation plan

It is important to consider your basement remodeling plan. Think carefully and come up with an idea that will provide functionality based on the current needs of the family and adapt to changing needs in the future. In addition to ensuring that the finishes continue, the area presents more challenges than average retrofits, including visible piping, support columns, HVAC systems, lighting, heating and air conditioning, insulation and moisture protection. While these challenges can be eliminated, the process is both complicated and expensive. In order to save some money, creatively incorporate these challenges into design and solve problems in your own way without breaking the bank.

Basement remodeling contractor

Exquisite craftsmanship is one of the keys to all the benefits you have to offer in the basement. Without professional knowledge, skills, experience and connections, you can't find good subcontractors and merchants; if you leave a qualified basement remodeling contractor to handle the work, your home will definitely be better. Although the selection process may require a lot of time and effort, doing your homework will pay off. Ask for multiple bids and choose a contractor to get the best value. survey:

  • Correct and up-to-date contractor license.
  • Good membership in your local BBB, without any unresolved complaints about his name.
  • Insurance covers personal liability, worker compensation and property damage.
  • Professional history and mature office.
  • Satisfactory references not only demonstrate quality and craftsmanship, but also the basement remodeling contractor's professional ethics.

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