Kitchen renovation has become easier

In addition to the bathroom, the kitchen is attracting more people in many houses than any other room. Unlike the bathroom, these are the most obvious. Make your kitchen beautiful and functional with some simple ideas.

For decades, although the plan of the kitchen was rectangular, the plan was based on the idea of ​​a triangle. A person, most of the time women will do all the tasks of the kitchen. You have some design that depends on this idea, making the work area very effective for that person.

Technological and social changes have indeed made this plan obsolete. Think about it. Although the plane shape of the floor is the same as the boring old rectangle shape, you can make it smart by surrounding the end of the table or including the island.

Building an elliptical island allows more than one person to work at the same time, providing many areas in the same place. Although it may look like a small workplace, the available space can be larger. Areas near the edges do not add to a good working space because it is not easily accessible. The oval allows for work throughout the perimeter.

Use the microwave, paper towels and can opener under the cabinet to increase the space on the counter. Unlike traditional settings, keep them a bit low while the available height leaves enough room above the counter to prepare drinks and food.

The appearance of the cabinet can be opened, you can display your crystal glasses by closing the door on one side or multiple sides, and you can even use the window version to replace the door.

Today, you can choose from hundreds of handles, knobs and fixtures to showcase your style. If you're going to retrofit it along retro lines, choose bright colors like red or yellow or painted wood or bright ceramics. If your paradise is more elegant, choose bronze and dark wood or chrome black.

Once you have selected the handles and countertops that best suit your overall appeal, match the paint and the floor and vice versa. Floors and walls need to be the background surface and should be highlighted with knobs and appliances.

Modern life is developing at a speed that seems to maximize the beauty and practicality of the kitchen.

Built-in appliances, countertops and cabinets need to be very easy to clean. Fortunately, this does not mean that it is limited to plastics and linoleum. The stone surface is now also in the form of a composite material that makes cleaning effective and fast.

If you plan to make major modifications, please ignore the gaps and corners that are difficult to reach and check. Liquids and foods not only have the ability to get dirt and dust to reach the space you may have to remove.

Make yourself simple by removing the small strip from the kitchen faucet or by placing the microwave in a place that can easily be lifted a few inches.

Pay attention to gas and electrical connections when you plan to redo the dishwasher area or plan to change the stove. When you redo a plaster wall or a wooden cabinet to produce sawdust and dust, the entire area is wrapped in plastic covered plastic.

Develop a storage plan by placing the shelf on an unused top and reducing the space used by keeping a handy step ladder.

Make sure you allocate enough budget for premium faucets, sinks and dishwasher parts. A leak behind the wall can cost hundreds of dollars to repair it, increase insect infestation, and ultimately not sink for a few weeks.

Create a functional and personal area and keep in mind that all costs and efforts will pay off faster than any other home improvement effort. Everything is done right, you will like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially after installing the kitchen countertop.

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