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Land and wood, independent of one another, have value. Sometimes, when the land for sale of timber, shortly after the sale, the new owner harvests some or all of the timber, and the timber pays the new landowner the cost he has just paid for the land and the standing timber. When this happens, everyone quickly realizes that the buyer has better or more knowledge than the seller. The buyer knows what he is buying. The seller does not know what he has and what he is selling. If you are buying, selling, or if you are an agent or broker representing a buyer or seller of timber on the land, you need expertise. You need to know that wood is valuable. Wood can be a valuable asset. Decentralized timber land may not be worth it. However, having beautiful, thick wood, land close to the mill and more used land may cost $10,000 an acre or more.

When buying or selling land with timber – wood may be worth the money. Buyers can use standing timber to pay for transaction costs or to make immediate profits. Forestry – Land consultants can provide buyers or sellers with important advice on the interests or opportunities involved in timber sales. The transaction occurs when one party believes that the price of the wood is too high or too low than the actual value of the wood. For example, the landowner, with the help of a qualified land consultant, determines that his timber value is $400,000, combining wood and land. The buyer himself decided that the value of the land and wood was nearly $2,000,000 and paid $1,400,000. vice versa. The buyer determines that the correct value is higher than the value that the landowner will sell, and the value of the tree helps to pay for the transaction. Coincidentally, this is true of any natural resources that the property may have. For example, buyers in turn bottle and sell gold, silver, fresh water, etc.

Both buyers and sellers of land and timber need to be educated about the value of wood and the cost of harvesting. A procedure should be followed when determining the value of wood. Buyers and sellers need to know about this process. Agents and brokers working with buyers and sellers need to understand this process. They need to know how to read and how to understand maps and photos, measure area, wood inventory procedures, product and product utilization, and they need to understand market value. There are different types of wood and timber for sale. Buyers, sellers and brokers of such real estate need to know the types of sales available, the reasons for their existence and how they work. The Computer Growth and Revenue Program shows how timber grows is a professional information land agent and broker in land transactions that need to be understood and understood to best serve customers. A profitability analysis of the correct execution of various programs conducted by a qualified agent or broker of a buyer or seller is very valuable to the buyer or seller. Both trading and forestry consultants know that timber business can make money.

Realtors® LandInstitute is an agent and broker specializing in land sales. The Real Estate Agent® Land Institute provides advanced education for agents and brokers associated with timber, agriculture, farms, pasture, land development, site selection and transit land. The Institute awarded the Accredited LandConsultant® Design Award to agents and brokers for advanced land education and closed sales experience. If you are buying or selling, please contact the author for help with the location, purchase or sale of land with or without wood.

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