1. Panos Lampropoulos Panos Lampropoulos

    Hello Evan .your videos are really enlighting.I need some advise regarding some new products (food) i want to launch in Amazon .Can we work together on that ?
    thank you

  2. Hollywood4Fun Hollywood4Fun

    I have a new food product only weeks away from the first production run. I'm worried it could grow too quickly and could leave me struggling to keep up with supply. I'm worried a big chain might place a huge order before I'm financially ready for it. My current suppliers have credit applications we can fill out which may give us some room with them, but will they produce my product and wait until I get paid from a large retailer headquarters before I have to pay them? Any advice on credit float?

  3. joseph Mccalla-bennett joseph Mccalla-bennett

    By the way which mobile phone do you use and why


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