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Stereotypes are the enemy of professionals in any field because they often have dull creativity and offer more two-way subjective views. The enemy also "invaded" the career of the event organizer, because the profession is so dependent on interpersonal relationships that it is particularly vulnerable to unfounded assumptions.

Some of today's event organizers are very familiar with live streaming, which is one of the most popular but misunderstood new event technologies. In fact, there are some myths on the live broadcast that some people avoid [although they really need it].

There are at least five myths about live streaming that you should know and avoid!

Live broadcast is limited to large events

This is a stupid act, and a group of people believe that live and streaming services are only available for large events that attract no less than millions of live shows. The platform is ideal for developing small events without the need to hire a variety of traditional equipment that can be very expensive.

Streaming live broadcast methods tend to reduce the presence of direct visitors

This is the second myth, based on the idea that if people can watch for free, they will not spend money. Of course, this is not the case, because according to some surveys, as many as 30% of people watching live events will participate directly in the same event next time. In fact, the significant improvement in streaming traffic to Facebook last year also proves this.

Is this field expensive?

This is not true, as more and more social media platforms are emerging and they can support live streaming for free. The most popular platform today is Facebook Live.

These services are not very interesting!

Of course, this is contrary to many surveys, where people tend to see live streams instead of watching the same program.

Your video will disappear as soon as the event is over

In fact, you can still use your video after the event ends. You can make the entire recording and reuse it.

What do event producers really need when playing live streaming?

Producers need a platform that can increase the number of viewers as much as possible and minimize production costs. Sounds like the principles of capitalism? But the reality is like this. Most producers work according to the customer's instructions, and they usually bear the minimum audience agreed upon by both parties. In the process of making a live broadcast, they must also consider several factors, one of which is cost.

What do they need to consider before choosing the best live streaming platform?

When considering the best live broadcast service, you need to consider content security, bandwidth cost, monetization and analysis, good customer support and top CDN.

Content security: Want to broadcast your event safely? Content security prevents abuse of your streaming video.

Bandwidth cost: Bandwidth costs can be very expensive, and since not every platform offers the same cost, you should choose according to your financial capabilities.

Monetization and analysis: This is very useful if your streaming video is actually used for commercial purposes.

Customer Support: It is best to choose who can provide guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don't know when there will be problems.

CDN: CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN allows you to reach millions of audiences, not just your country of residence.

From the above explanation we can understand Live broadcast In modern marketing, it is inevitable that we need to consider these parameters before deciding to hire a live streaming service.

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