Learn about ZMOT and win with video marketing strategies

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If you are an online marketer and haven't read "ZMOT: The Truth to Win Zero Time," you probably should. The book, published by Jim Resings in November 2011, is a study that introduces marketers to the "new" mentality that shoppers have adopted since the development of information accessibility.

According to this book, ZMOT is the decision-making moment of the user. Computers, laptops and mobile devices are hundreds of millions of times a day. This is the moment to discover and consume information, where marketing is happening, and where shoppers decide to buy.

So how do you use video marketing strategies to win ZMOT? The following four tips will help you better understand how to make videos and how to market them to win in Zero Moment of Truth.

Learn about ZMOT and win with video marketing strategies

  1. ZMOT is the moment a woman takes a mobile phone to watch a snowboard video comment in a winter sports store. Do you know? 79% of consumers said they use a smartphone to help them shop? Make sure your videos are optimized for mobile devices, and that's the same page you're hosting. Optimized for most devices, pay attention to download time and mobile-friendly creatives.
  2. ZMOT is a young woman who watches video reviews in a cafe while looking for cheap hotels in Paris. Did you know that 70% of Americans said they read product reviews before buying? It is good for you. Conduct a series of video reviews of your product or service to illustrate their features and benefits.
  3. ZMOT is the mother CEO of her office, scanning a video commentary on cough syrup before heading to the grocery store. Do you know that 83% of moms will conduct product research on products they are interested in after watching TV commercials? Think about your target audience and when and where they watch your videos. Is it a car on your phone? Maybe it will be on their desktop or iPad. Make your video, connect it to the target user, and format it for easy viewing.
  4. More and more consumers are learning, living and making decisions based on reviews and ratings, whether at home or at home, based on social media channels, and more than ever. Use video to create consumer guides, product demos, interpreter videos, reviews and video blogs – then make all of these videos easy to Pin [on Pinterest], post and share on Facebook or other social networking sites

ZMOT is a new psychological marketing model that targets users before the point of sale. Understanding it will help you create better, more useful videos to fit into your video marketing strategy. This will make you part of the online conversation so you can be the best candidate when the point of sale is about to happen.

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