Learn how to upcycle furniture

Learn how to upcycle furniture
Meet new people | Learn a new skill | Get creative Join us at the Petit Miracle Interiors shop in the West12 shopping centre, London, Shepherds Bush and learn from our experienced team how to transform furniture. Learn a new skill and help a small charity. What you will learn We work in a small group (around 5 people per workshop) so the session will be tailored to your skill level and experience. In general, you will work on a small item, such as a chair, stool or side table. The session will cover the following: Minor furniture repairs Sanding Painting Waxing / finishing furniture Detailed blog about our workshopsIf you would like to read about the workshop in detail please visit our blog to read the guest post from attendee Christina which describes the workshop in detail. Read the blog. Price £35 per person. This includes all tools and materials. Bring a friend for £20! Please note: if you would like to purchase the item you have worked on, you will be given a discount off of the purchase price. When 1-4pm on the first and second Saturday of each month. Where Petit Miracle Interiors, First Floor of the West12 Shopping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush Green, W12 8PP (map)

at Westfield London - Shepherd's Bush
Ariel Way
Shepherds Bush, United Kingdom



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