Learn What You Can Do Today To Increase Your Blog Subscribers

Lets take a look at yourself for a moment. Why did you start blogging?

Were you looking for a way to get your blog posts, and therefore your website, out in front of readers?

Were you looking at the best ways to monetize a blog?

Were you trying to build a "name" for yourself and do some self branding?

Were you simply trying to make money from a blog?

Many of us originally started blogging to just get more business in general.

Or maybe...

...You were looking at increasing your lead flow from a blog?

this is just one of the many ways you could be able to make money from a blog.

Or did you start blogging to build your MLM business?

I'll be honest with you, whichever the case, it doesn't matter. Many of you are actually killing your business with blogging.

You may not even be aware of this yet, but it's possible that all of yoru blogging/content efforts have drowned your ability to convert your blog traffic into leads and your leads into your business.

One of the goals of your blog is that it it's supposed to separate you from the masses as a leader and a mentor to others. TO show your valuable content to others.

But many of us have gotten so wrapped up in generating more blog traffic that we've forgotten that we need our blogs to build our business.

The Initial Addiction:

Admit it, it's become an addiction for you to increase your blog traffic.

You're busting out amazing content, you're giving great advice, you're helping other people. You're traffic is increasing because of this.

You get a thrill out of seeing more comments from your readers. You love seeing your Alexa score increase. You love watching your blog traffic growth charts ebb and flow on a daily basis.

But you're missing a vital piece here.

Did you forget that you have a business first and a blog second?

The traffic is nice, but, the real piece of the puzzle lies in converting that traffic into leads - which is so vital to your business.

The traffic that you have coming to your site either finds the answer they're looking for or gets the advice they need, and then leave.

Your traffic came and got what they were looking for. They found your post and read it. Probably liked it, and that was it.

You're probably asking, "Wha? Why didn't they sign up with me? My information is ALL OVER my blog."

Hmmmmm....not so fast slick.

"What's Your Purpose?"

If you're new to internet marketing let me fill you. If you've been in for some time, you need to hear it again. This business is ALL about converting traffic into leads. And then converting your leads into your business through a generic, self-branding sales funnel. In other words - monetizing your blog folks!

Well, where does your traffic find that information that will convert them? (Obviously without them really knowing about it - is just happens once they fill out the lead capture form or they sign up with you on a direct link).

Is it in a blatant sales pitch on the home page? Heck NO!

Is it hidden behind some banner ad? Maybe. But how would they know it?

Did you make a special page for it? Possibly. But they're not looking for it.

Your traffic didn't arrive at your blog looking to sign up with a system or a business or even with you (sorry to bust your ego, but it's true). They were looking for some content that you marketed to bring them to your site in the first place. Once you deliver on the promised content, they got what they were looking for inside.

Your traffic doesn't see what you're HOPING they see. You know you're blogging to get more business. You know that you're looking for new leads and team members. But that site visitor? He doesn't even come close to thinking of that at all. You need to get the idea in his head!

Location, Location, Location

So, this approach of getting the idea in their head - how do you go about that?

What I have found to work the best is at the very end of the blog post your reader just finished reading. Finish it off with a small plug directing people what you would like them to do after they read your post. Something like this::

"Thinking that you can build your online business alone is what usually drives network marketers to fail. You need someone with experience and a direction to show you how to put your business plan into action. "David" is a coach and mentor in online marketing strategies who has driven his way to success in this industry.".

Fill out the form below [a lead capture form is placed at the end of the post] to start working with "Carl". He will send you some free training materials on how to start marketing online."

See how that gets the idea in their heads?

Your traffic and readers have come to your blog post because you offered them some advice or strategy that looks inticing and they can take advantage of - and this is great for traffic on your blog. BUT you can do more. When you simply place a little reminder about your services as a marketing strategist - you will be able to get more "oopmh" and money out of your blog than if you hadn't..

Not monetizing your blog posts is what is killing your business. You need to monetize your blog posts. You need to let your readers know that NOT ONLY are you providing amazing quality and content, but that you are available for "hire" as well..

Is that all there is? No! before you go anywhere else, you can access more of my Blog Marketing Training here at my blog.

Leaving No Network Marketer Behind,

Linus Ruzicka



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