Let go of the fear of public speech

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There are many ways to express yourself great. Public speaking is one of them. Each of us is already full of greatness, so each of us is already an outstanding speaker.

Many surveys have shown that for most people, public speaking is the most terrible thing in their lives – it is even more terrible than death, and death is second in the survey results. This means that most of us would rather sit in a coffin instead of making a public speech!

I am a proud member of the Marbella International ToastMasters Club, so I know a lot about public speaking. And, I can assure you that once you let go of fear [yes, you can let go!], public speaking is one of the most wonderful and exciting experiences you will have!

The biggest fear of public speaking usually comes from fear of jealousy. In fact, the speech itself does not seem to be terrible. Fear of being embarrassed and ashamed.

However, if we have never tried public speaking before, why do we immediately associate public speech with shame and jealousy? If we have never experienced a public speech before, why do we establish contact, which obviously does not exist yet?

The answer is that, for some reason, we tend to link some of our past unrelated events to the "probable" outcome of our public speech. In other words, in the past, we may have experienced certain moments. When we talk to someone, it leads to a moment of shame or embarrassment. Now we tend to project it into public speech, and even extend it to the big Possible outcomes of scale. Yes, we just believe, because we used to feel embarrassed when talking to a person. If we talk to many people, we may feel embarrassed!

Really nonsense!

So what we need to do here is simply to abandon the possibility of embarrassment and shame and to unleash our path to great public speech. Once we give up these negative emotions behind the fear of public speaking, we will immediately realize that there is nothing to be afraid of, we will be open to the concept of public speaking and embrace a great and unique experience. Yes, we may still feel nervous [really let go], but it will build on positive excitement energy, not negative energy from fear. This is really different, of course, in this state, we are fully prepared to go on stage and speak in front of many people!

Once you let go of the possible guilt, you will even provide yourself with a great service, because you will also release the negative energy associated with the past, which will free you from many other aspects [and will open] many new ones. The door to opportunity].

So this is a concession process for my public speech. This is a bit long, because sometimes we really need to reach its "core" to get rid of this most common human fear.

The following is a process of letting go of public speaking:

1. Close your eyes, causing tension and fear of public speaking.

2. Fully embrace and experience these feelings. Imagine yourself speaking in front of a huge audience, even thousands of people. As you increase the size of your audience, your intensity of fear and tension may change. Continue to embrace and experience them.

3. Don't try to mark these feelings in any way, rationalize or analyze them. Let them come out and experience themselves. Don't push them back; don't stop because of fear; try to observe them as an independent observer and let them fully express themselves.

4. Start slowly giving up your feelings; let them fully express themselves in your body [or any other part that you are most interested in]. Again, don't push them back; don't stop them or take action on them. Just let them be in a natural way, not an independent observer, as if they weren't even yours.

After a while, make a decision to let them go again and again, and then let them really disappear.

6. Now, it is likely that there will be more levels of feeling. So, once you start to release and release your first level of feeling, the new layer may also begin to appear.

7. Continue to abandon your feelings at the new level and let them go as well [as described in steps 4 and 5].

After a few layers of experience, you may feel embarrassed or ashamed. It may even be related to some images in your mind. Again, don't analyze anything; just let the feelings appear; experience them, give them up and let them go. Let 尴尬 fully express yourself [this is a very unpleasant feeling, so we may put a bunch of them in our body. Therefore, as an opportunity to finally release them, don't be afraid of a few seconds of possible discomfort – it will Fast pass].

After a few layers of feeling, there should be no more negative emotions. So, take a look at this: go back to the image of the beginning of the hands-on practice; bring back the picture you are talking to in front of a large audience. You should feel that this is no longer a challenge for you!

Repeat steps 1 through 8 if needed.

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