Let us adopt a forward-looking financial strategy

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The forward-looking financial strategy is comprehensive and comprehensive. In general, such a comprehensive management involves acquiring the capital of the business and then how to spend a lot of achievements on the business, including recording the statistics to be checked to help assess the financial status of the business and the latest financial performance.

Theories and papers on business and finance highlight the importance of finance in business and the importance of financial education in the country's growth and development. The importance of money and finance as an engine of economic growth and development has long been recognized in the economic and commercial literature. Financial resources are an important source of national wealth. A country does not have the resources and capacity to develop the financial skills and financial knowledge of its personnel and use it for business purposes, and the country cannot embark on the path of growth and development. It has long been recognized that in addition to the main factors of production, financial capital is the main input that produces output/production. There is a positive and direct relationship between financial resource development and economic growth. Economic growth creates conditions for better financing, which in turn supports economic growth and development.

In today's business world, financial resources are developed to perform many interesting and important functions. The 21st century is an era of digital and technological advancement and innovation that will promote and encourage those who respond first to the language of money and finance and the technology of the second place, depending on how quickly and quickly we are in money, banking and Training and skills have been received in the financial sector, particularly in the international financial arena. In the contemporary digital age, we see that financial knowledge maps have grown like anything.

Successful countries are those that adopt sound rational financial strategies and models that are the best guesses of the future [rational expectations models] because they are based on all available information. These countries have very high financial and banking knowledge and strive to make themselves rich by educating people and investing in the financial education of the people in some way. There is no doubt that the wealth of the world's advanced countries is very rich. In order to survive and thrive in this corporate/financial world and to enjoy an advantage in a globalized society, correct and appropriate financial knowledge is very important. The financial shocks, financial austerity, turmoil and crisis we see today are the result of how we can manage global financial resources, especially trading partners.

Modern financial resources are becoming more diverse and therefore more complex, so backup and forward-looking financial strategies need to be backed up, taking into account not only past financial data, but also all available financial data. Financial knowledge and economic development interact, which means that financial knowledge affects economic development, and economic development affects financial knowledge. Financial knowledge contributes to economic development, which in turn can ensure the extension of financial knowledge.

Now is the time to invest in financial education to recognize the importance of financial resources in economic development. In this regard, the role of human resources development is very important, as human resource development will ensure proper management of financial resources, which will be a guideline for national growth and development.

A forward-looking financial strategy is a necessary tool for modernizing, reorganizing, and innovating the financial outlook of a business unit because it is closely related to economic financial changes. In short, forward-looking financial strategies are necessary to increase the efficiency/productivity levels of business organizations, profits, and business unit growth.

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