Letter writing technology – good news and bad news

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There are different strategies and techniques to discuss when writing good news and bad news. In good news, the writer is conveying good news to the recipient. The first paragraph [introduction] provides a good news topic [the reason for the letter]. The second paragraph [discussion] provides details of the good news and details of the third paragraph [conclusion] requiring action.

Bad letters use indirect methods and are opened with neutral thoughts while providing facts and supporting evidence. The second paragraph introduces the reasons for the bad news. The third paragraph ends with neutrality. When writing a bad news, you need to be polite and polite. The author of a bad news must pay attention to the tone and structure throughout the letter to avoid problems in the future. Writers must prevent themselves from offending readers.

All writing is a form of persuasion. The writer tries to convince the reader to understand his or her point of view. In a bad news business letter, it is important to note the wording to prevent violations of ethical guidelines. An example of the cause of a bad news is:

One company I recommend suggests reducing labor costs as much as possible. My only option is to terminate all temporary positions within the company. This decision required me to write bad news to each temporary employee, terminate them and explain to everyone why the termination was made. I must pay attention to the use of tact and courtesy in the entire letter, while clearly indicating that their work is very good and has nothing to do with our company's decision. When writing to an employee, I should provide a severance payment and write a letter of recommendation to help the employee find a job. In addition, medical benefits should be extended shortly after termination. In addition, let the employee know his or her qualifications and proven abilities, and I believe he or she will find another position in the near future. End with a happy note that calms upwards.

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