Liberty Station Summer Concert – Vaud and the Villains

Liberty Station Summer Concert - Vaud and the Villains
ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station’s free concert series- three evenings featuring a wide range of San Diego musicians from Samba to Blues to Rock n’ Roll- July 1, 15, and 29. All ages invited. Arrive early, picnic and enjoy the art galleries, studios, and museums of the burgeoning ARTS DISTRICT.

Saturday, July 29- 5:00PM: Vaud and the Villains

HEADLINER: Vaud & the Villains bring their raucous 1930s New Orleans orchestra and cabaret show to Liberty Station! Infusing music of the early jazz era with the showmanship of a rock ‘n’ roll concert, be ready to get-down!

OPENING ACT: Recreational Music Center will partner up with Vaud and the Villains for a student performance opening the concert.

Liberty Station North Promenade, 2848 Dewey Rd, San Diego, CA 92106
(Located between Stone Brewing World Bistro and Garden and the vibrantly painted GREETINGS from Naval Training Station mural.)

For more information visit

at Liberty Station North Promenade
2848 Dewey Rd
San Diego, United States



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