Lindsey Bull And Plastique Fantastique

Lindsey Bull And Plastique Fantastique
This summer Castlefield Gallery will present a new body of work by Manchester-based painter Lindsey Bull, alongside a new mixed media installation and performance by London-based collective Plastique Fantastique. Originally conceived by Simon O'Sullivan and David Burrows, the list of individuals that make up Plastique Fantastique changes dependent upon the context. This exhibition sees them working with regular collaborators Alex Marzeta and Vanessa Page to develop a new work that references twins and doubles, a theme prevalent in Bull's work. The twins that appear in Bull's paintings are naturally similar in appearance but more importantly they share a potent mental connection. For Bull, mark making and the manipulation of paint is a way of transferring meaning, exploiting its materiality to create a psychological presence within her work. For Plastique Fantastique the twin is a trickster double, a mirrored traitor with revolutionary potential. In their new work for Castlefield Gallery, the collective will draw upon the character of the The Hanged Man who appears in Tarot cards, curiously serene despite being hung upside down by one leg. The image originates from caricatures created to shame traitors, thieves and the bankrupt in Renaissance Italy. To mark the opening of the exhibition (6pm Thu 22 Jun 17) a ritual, a kind of seance, will be performed around this character in an attempt to invoke the agency of a digital spirit – an algorithm, computer virus or whistle-blower, a revolutionary traitor symptomatic of our time. In different ways these artists see the potential in offering alternative fictions. Crucially both Bull and Plastique Fantastique perform this 'fictioning' as a lived practice. Developing a 'myth-science' needed now, perhaps more than ever, to offer different narratives that promise the possibility of another world or a different way of life.

at Castlefield Arena
101 Liverpool Road Castlefield Manchester Lancashire
Manchester, United Kingdom

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