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As an IT staff serving multiple customers, it is not uncommon to receive requests from customers to upgrade their products. The Internet has indeed evolved from text-based websites to multimedia content. As with every progress, you either adapt or fall behind.

Therefore, when meeting with the client, he found that he had just heard of a new way to transmit real-time video over the Internet and asked to build it into his website. He has an upcoming seminar, in order to break the distance barrier, the event must be broadcast live over the Internet. This is a daunting task because I have not studied too much about new technologies called video streams.

It's not new to transfer live events from one place to another, and news clothing like CNN and Fox can be streamed live using satellite links. Improvements in video technology, higher computing power and lower bandwidth costs have laid the foundation for live audio and video content over the Internet. Achieving efficiency with new technologies means combining old and new.

The Internet sets the stage for real-time video streaming through high-speed Internet connectivity and advanced video compression technology. However, to play a video from your website, you may need to make a list so that you can make the most of your investment.

Before setting up the video stream

1. Whether to stream. from

 It's one thing to deploy cutting-edge technology on your website, and its practicality is another matter. If you can't enhance your design goals, don't integrate the video stream into your website. The cost of video hosting and required bandwidth is much higher than the cost of traditional websites. If it is a commercial website, the added cost must be reasonable.

An alternative might be to use graphics and text to tell the story, or to transcribe the video into a text version. Another way is to use YouTube, where you can display images from the video, compose a summary, and display a link to the video location on YouTube. On YouTube, your videos are hosted for free and can be viewed on demand.

2. Live or video on demand. from

 There are two forms of online video streaming – live and video on demand. Live broadcasts are broadcast live over the Internet; your viewers can only watch videos while they are playing. The lost scene cannot be played back and the content cannot be saved on the viewer's computer. These are suitable for high-profile meetings, seminars, breaking news and other visual effects that are best enjoyed in real-time viewing.

For video on demand, the video is saved on the server and can be viewed at any time. Packagers, music videos, and ads are examples of videos that are suitable for video on demand. The videos on your tube are on-demand. If you have a download manager, they can only be downloaded.

Real-time streaming requires more hardware – capture cards, webcams, video recorders, video compression utilities, broadband Internet access, and more. It requires more precision, leaving room for error. Video-on-demand hardware is less – usually a PC and Internet connection. Your content and presentation should determine the form of the selected video stream.

3. The Content Delivery Network is self-hosted or hosted. from

 Video hosting is available from most web hosting providers, so you can host your videos directly on the server hosting your website. You can manage your video stream in the same window as your website, and you are solely responsible for your management.

You can also use a content distribution network service that hosts videos separately. You'll get a separate dashboard to manage your videos, which eases the burden of site management and management.

Both options have their pros and cons, but you have to decide which is best for you. Host and manage your videos yourself, or host your videos on a separate platform.

One obvious advantage of content distribution networks is that they are uniquely designed to manage your video, so you should spend more on the video stream each time.

4. The quality and size of the video. from

 The bit rate is defined as the frequency of data transmitted per second. A bit rate of 64 k bps means that 64 bits of data are transmitted per second. The transmission of data is measured in this way. In general, the larger the video file, the higher the bit rate and the higher the bandwidth required to transmit it over the Internet.

Every time I compress a video file, I reduce the size and quality, which reduces the bandwidth required for the transfer. The reason for compressing video is cost, and smaller bandwidth is cheaper. But while trying to reduce the size of your video, you should not lose sight of the fact that quality will be affected.

A factor to consider when setting the bit rate is the available bandwidth of the home. If I want to play high quality video, I will choose a bit rate of 512 k bps for my video. If you don't think that most of my viewers can only access 256 kbps or lower, I might lose them.

5. Place the video on the home page or on another page. from

 Putting a video on the homepage means that your video must be played every time you visit your website. Lazy loading means your visitors may not wait to watch them. When they are placed on other pages within your site, your visitors can choose to access them to view them. This way, even if the video plays for a long time, they can wait.

Putting videos on the site can also save costs. Because each download requires a fee. If your video is on the homepage, you will be charged whenever someone visits the site. Most of the time, they never stop watching videos. However, when a visitor clicks on their link to watch, the video embedded in the site will be charged. You can get more value because more visitors actually watch the video.

The list is not exhaustive, but the main points outlined are relevant before setting up a video stream on your website. Other issues, such as hosting platforms, streaming media, support for video files, etc. will be considered throughout the process.

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