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Until the most recent date, the term – Corporate Social Media ' was defined as a refined, refined brand image and cautiously generated posts. The basic goal of corporate social media is to build influence, promote brand awareness and ultimately sell products or services. Although the concept of corporate social media has not changed, the program has changed too much. As technology advances, social media has become more powerful, such as real-time video streaming. Live streaming refers to the transmission of real-time continuous video through social media sites or dedicated streaming platforms. With the advent of Facebook Live, Instagram Live Stories, Snapchat, etc., many people are now familiar with live broadcasts.

Let's take a step-by-step look at all aspects of live streaming.

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 Using streaming video for commercial purposes can be advantageous in a number of ways. Live streaming allows sellers to automatically interact with buyers and interact in real time at the lowest cost. The unedited and natural feel of the content helps to connect with the audience and provide them with a personal experience. Videos played on social media make the business viral because its coverage is more representative than other media. When a video is broadcast live on social media, it will continue to comment, like and share with the viewer, and it will continue to trend if they wish. Everything you need to create real-time video is stable internet bandwidth, good cameras and enough talent. The costs involved here are very low. Once live streaming is complete, you can use it to create a content marketing catalog. Video content can prove useful for promotional purposes, such as recommendations, websites, social media marketing, and more. Live video is good for entrepreneurs who are looking for intense market exposure around the world.

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 First, you need to focus on preparing live video. Freely write the basic format of a video or program; whether it's a script or an extra actor. The chalk execution method and possible problems. Finally, develop a complete production plan, taking into account relevant aspects of infrastructure, labor, finance, etc. Second, never compromise video quality. Find the best equipment for shooting based on your budget. The technology and resources used in video production and post production determine the future of your live video; so never ignore it.

Once you've finished making your production, check out its promotions. You must treat live video as a live show. Choose promotions such as email, social or digital commercials, trailer videos, and more. Create an appointment about the upcoming live video so you can start collecting viewers. Develop a sound strategy to drive your marketing campaign based on the results you expect. Brainstorm on innovative ideas and concepts that may appeal to viewers.

Before you make a live video broadcast; think carefully about the platform you need. As mentioned above, you can stream live video on any platform of your choice; however, you also need to consider the specifications for your requirements. For example, your video goals, target audiences, changing perspectives to attract potential customers, methods, and range of interactivity and compatibility with the platform. Once you understand the exact needs of your video to reach the world; you can quickly pick up the best platform. There are many streaming applications that allow you to stream live video on multiple social networking platforms at once.

Start the streaming media strategy – from

 You can keep closed sessions, such as customer Q&A, expert Q&A, to rotate your video to a large extent. Share experiences and feedback when customers interact with content. Influencers and industry experts can also participate in the process of clarifying viewers' concerns. If the product is released in a live video format or a product demonstration, a large-scale promotion may be possible. They create an exciting and engaging event for any content that you launch or show to buyers. Get an excellent response in social media-supported events, events or contests. The strategy that is developed considering the strengths and weaknesses of the live video you are working on is the most viable and successful strategy.

To summarize this topic, the recommendation is to focus on the elements of interest of the target audience. The fun must be included in an innovative way to incorporate the information or information needed in the video. Each of your live videos will be your learning experience! Keep creating and keep streaming!

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