Live Music: Lorne // Micheal Clancy // Seany Clarke

Live Music: Lorne // Micheal Clancy // Seany Clarke
Join us for some live music from Lorne with Michael Clancy & Seany Clarke. Lorne (Singer-Songwriter) Lorne is a singer, songwriter and pianist from Berkshire who released his debut single Bread Alone in February 2017. Bread Alone premiered on Clash Magazine and has been featured on 40 blogs in Australia, Europe and US. LISTEN: Michael Clancy (Singer-Songwriter) Michael Clancy is a singer-songwriter hailing from Colchester, England. He grew up absorbing the music of the great American singer-songwriters, before moving to London at the age of 18 to pursue his own musical journey. Michael then toured the world accompanying various artists, and on his travels began to find his own musical voice. 2015 saw him release his acclaimed debut EP, 'Worlds Apart.' LISTEN: Seany Clarke (Soul) Seany Clarke is a British singer-songwriter whose music is as independent-spirited as it is sweet to the ear. His unique blend of soul, indie and funk has drawn comparison with songwriters such as Shuggie Otis, Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield and Elvis Costello. LISTEN: Doors at 5pm. Music Starts at 8.30pm. Live music bookings: Table reservations:

at Apples and Pears
26 Osborn Street
Whitechapel, United Kingdom



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