1. Russian Bear Russian Bear

    I'm just wondering why editing softwares can't pickup audio from desktop or game

  2. Sumthing Wikked Sumthing Wikked

    How do I get rid of this crappy voice I am getting from my mic???

  3. jujumediazone jujumediazone

    I have only 3 audio connections: mic, music, and game audio.
    The problem I have is that when I have the output of the game audio enabled, there's a bit of a tunnel sound or echo. Not sure where it's coming from. When I disable the game audio, the echo goes away. But obviously I need game the audio. Not sure what else to check

  4. Daivon Daivon

    if you could help me, i started my yt channel like 1 week ago and i have a big problem with obs when i speak louder like a scream or somthing it gets very very like a robot idk what to do plz help

  5. Coagulator13 Coagulator13

    Greta video – just what I needed! One question though – your output is speakers which feels odd – I would have expected headphones or something of that nature…how do you keep the mic from picking up the output of the speakers? I get that the mike is in cardioid mode but even still would the sound not be read?

  6. Tyler Thatcher Tyler Thatcher

    How would I go about having spotify music going with ingame audio but NOT hearing my own voice?

  7. RaldGaming RaldGaming

    becouse wen i play i here my self

  8. RaldGaming RaldGaming

    wen i do this i hear my speaker plz helpme

  9. Scorpius Scorpius

    One the best tutorials on YouTube!

  10. Frogie Plays Frogie Plays

    help I turn my blue snowball to 100 in the sounds thing and it reaches 1 bar max 🙁

  11. NewPromatrix NewPromatrix

    yo could you help me. Trying to set up stream for csgo. And my csgo ingame sound doesnt load however my mic works.

  12. Astar Stunz Astar Stunz

    I was wondering if you can help me personally I have some issues that I can't resolve really 🙂 much appreciated!


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