1. Dan_of_Earth Dan_of_Earth

    but…but..you sound like shit

  2. Sut4su Sut4su

    Man thank you soooooo much for settings file, now my voice sounds so much better. Tried to set up the modifiers myselfbut couldnt such good result. Thank you!

  3. Ну Ладно Ну Ладно

    Stereo? Seriously?

  4. xpminecrafter [PvPMotionHD] xpminecrafter [PvPMotionHD]

    For y'all mac users u can use sound tap recorder as a virtual Audio cable

  5. Irakli Mosulishvili Irakli Mosulishvili

    Thanks, very helpful!

  6. MyKeyz MyKeyz

    Turn your base down

  7. Da Coolest Dad Ever Da Coolest Dad Ever

    Hey thanks man!

  8. NitrUsOxIdE Stream NitrUsOxIdE Stream

    is there anyway to get rid of mouse clicks and sound of keys typing?

  9. OperaWraith OperaWraith

    Worst tut ever

  10. Tronic Tronic

    All of it works fine, exept one thing! When I want to add an extra effect to the track, like a delay effect, the sound on the output channel (being line 1) delays for around 4 secs. So i speak into the mic and 4 secs later i hear the sound. The output channel delays 4 seconds after the input channel whenever you want to apply an effect. Does anyone know how to fix the problem so that when you add an effect, the input and output channels should work fine at the same time?

  11. TDPK Films TDPK Films

    When you get into radio DJ mode and the bass is too damn high

  12. brewski425 castle clash brewski425 castle clash

    How do I make adobe automatically open up to your preset

  13. brewski425 castle clash brewski425 castle clash

    Why shouldn't I use 0 audio latency in Adobe Audition?

  14. Fahem Belili Fahem Belili

    Why i hear a woman saying "Trial" ?

  15. Ryan Kokko Ryan Kokko

    This was exactly what i needed. I was using NoiseGater and it was crap. I can use this with ReLive or OBS. Even though this is 4 years old it still works with the current version of Audition CC. The project file had no issues.

    Thanks @Psynaps!!

  16. Stoutner_Twitch Stoutner_Twitch

    i cant stand your mic.

  17. CrazyGearer tv CrazyGearer tv

    hello please reply i want to change pitch on live broadcast to make voice like chimpkump voice please reply.. how i do that please i need urgently

  18. Vinicius Nogueira Vinicius Nogueira

    Use some reverb, your voice is very "dry".


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