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Here are a few ideas I used to increase restaurant sales. Many of these ideas also involve my employees in activities that unite them. I got better, more loyal employees and added restaurants or sales in the community. Give them a try, measure your results, and have fun.

Looking for Easter Eggs from

 – The restaurant offers traditional egg prizes and sweets in the local park. Visiting and taking pictures with the Easter Bunny, which is a special event for more than 50 foster children. The local newspaper printed a short story with a photo that gave us more exposure in the community.

Christmas party from

 – This event involves restaurant staff providing small Christmas gifts for needy children. Similar to today's popular "angel tree", there is only one exception. We also provided a Christmas party for the children, and of course Santa Claus to visit the gift. During the party, the staff is able to provide services and interact with the children. These activities bring team members closer together. At the same time, local news is always available to provide stories of human interest related to restaurants.

Mother's Day Candlelight Dinner from

 – The event was held at a fast food restaurant and found the staff turned the restaurant into an exquisite restaurant with candles, flowers and linen. Instead of letting the customer place an order at the counter, the staff accepts a table order and, of course, food. The event was discussed by guests and staff for several weeks. For a fast food restaurant, Sunday night is usually the slowest of all nights, not to mention Mother's Day, and for some reason moms don't want fast food. This Mother's Day has increased by 18% from the previous Sunday, and the previous Mother's Day has increased by 31%.

Daily specials from

 – There is no new content about daily specials or rotating specials, but in 1983, this concept was unheard of. At the time, most restaurants were running print ads with coupons. Customers are accustomed to advertising and expect the next coupon to run, often requiring knowledge of why the expected run was delayed or missed. In order to reduce the reliance on coupons counted for guests, I started running the listed daily specials for all 7 days of the week. Using only the reader board and store poster ads, we started running the “buy one get one free” mantra instead of the print ad. While there is no immediate “popularity” of print ads, over time, these specials do go beyond BOGO and replace them with an effective way to increase sales and protect profitability.

Fundraising activities from

 – These are various activities designed to achieve three goals. The first is to raise funds for a worthy cause or organization. Second, as a team building exercise, the third, the most important thing is to promote the restaurant. We have designed a series of carnivals that love games, including restaurant foods as a secondary prize and major prize restaurant signage items such as T-shirts and coffee cups. We accept and manage these games during school fall or spring festivals or local city events and donate the proceeds to schools or charities.

Parade from

 – In each parade, we distribute restaurant coupons, identify items and sell hot chocolates and drinks. Donate the proceeds to charity again.

Buck from

 – This is what I used when I was working at St. Thomas in Wendy. At that time, many companies used the Carnival-style Buck to attract attention to specific institutions. Our location is at the end of the main cruise terminal, so the boat's guests are too eager to taste the local food, not the identifiable Wendy menu. Our Barker receives 100 coupons per day and has returned it to the restaurant.

School reading plan from

 – A simple program that allows teachers to reward children with restaurant prizes for reading a certain number of books. Starting with small food prizes, as children read more and more books, they can get a family dinner for 4 people. The program was very successful and has been running for many years.

Interview skills speech from

 – I will attend high school on weekdays and provide courses for preparing for an interview and getting my first job. I also provided general business and employee tips for participants. Here, I will build relationships with potential new employees and offer coupons and logo items to further promote the restaurant.

Cross promotion from

 – In the tourist area, court locations and tourist groups are vital. Understanding visitor traffic is a key factor in a company's survival. Actively attracting non-competitors, such as hotels without affiliated restaurants, is a way of “borrowing”. Their credibility and connect it to your restaurant. Hotel staff can offer discounts and printed items, as well as frequent food or desert, allowing staff to bring your restaurant to the hotel’s guests.

Set goals for each promotion and record the results. Take the time to work hard to improve the next activity, the most important thing is to have fun.

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