London GP Trainee Conference 2017

London GP Trainee Conference 2017
Welcome to the London GP Trainee Conference 2017 with a theme of 'innovation'. This year’s conference for London GP trainees promises to inspire and we look forward to welcoming you all. We all have great ideas and talents – but our dilemma is how do we use them? How do we empower ourselves to make a difference and make the most of our GP training? Your day will start with thought-provoking talks from the Head of GP Development at NHS England Dr Robert Varnam and the RCGP Chair Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard. Afterwards you can delve into our interactive workshops, ranging from top tips on starting a career in GP, to how you can practically bring your ideas to reality. Our poster competition will allow winners to have the chance to give an oral presentation and be published in the London Journal of Primary Care. For further details and submission available here. The deadline for abstract submission is Sunday 11th June 2017 at 23:59. Presenters will be notified if they have been selected by email by the 27th June 2017. Be sure not to miss our final panel discussion, where you will meet our trailblazers – those who have succeeded in shaping a career that combines their individual interests with clinical work. At the end of the day we will be holding a Networking Reception as an opportunity for you to integrate with our esteemed speakers on an informal basis. Make sure you make your workshop selections upon registration, as capacity is limited and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Brief descriptions of the workshops are below. All London GP trainees are invited to register, but please only do so if you are able to attend the entire day. Workshops Building a Healthy New Town Members of the team from Barking Riverside discuss the rewards and challenges of building a health-focused town from scratch, with the guidance of residents.   Coding for GPs Across the globe young children are now learning to code and many doctors are joining this movement so they can create their own programmes to tackle healthcare problems. Here is your chance to get involved and learn the basics of coding.   Financial survival guide Advice from a leading financial planner specialising in medical professionals, with updates on NHS pensions, financial protection, tax relief, locum income and investment strategy.   From Conception to Reality Via a speed-dating format you will be able to discuss face-to-face with multiple entrepreneurs the journey of bringing their healthcare innovations into reality.   How to Make Your Passion Your Work If you have a passion outside of medicine and think you cannot incorporate it into your clinical work, think again! This workshop will showcase the work of GPs who have managed to do just that.   How to Thrive and Survive at Work Run by Clare Gerada from the NHS Practitioner Health Programme, this workshop will look at what we can individually do to maintain our well-being throughout our career as doctors and explore the benefits of using reflective group work.   I’m a GP Parent (Or will be soon)! This workshop will showcase how to forge a fulfilling career and family life. Hear how others have done it and be inspired to do it your own way. This session will cover practicalities such as parental leave, financial support and less-than-full-time options.     Medical Education - How to get in and stand out With increasing numbers of doctors looking to combine an interest in medical education with clinical training, learn how to increase your involvement and experience in medical education through formal and informal opportunities.   Pathways to develop your Special Interest There’s not just one way to become a GP with a clinical special interest. Hear from those that have successfully done it through various different routes.   Social media: An Innovator’s Guide Learn how to maximise the potential of various social media platforms, whether that be for learning, networking or influencing others.  Unlocking Social Prescribing Bromley-by-Bow, experts in social prescribing, will give an insight into how it has reinvigorated the delivery of primary care in a challenging inner-city setting. The workshop will cover the principals of social prescribing schemes and the benefits of social prescribing for healthcare and other professionals, patients and the community. What are New Care Models? With an eye to the future and innovation at their core, the New Care Models are an exploration of running things differently. Come along to learn more and hear the specifics of one of the Vanguards.   What can we learn from our patients? We all have patients that challenge us. This workshop will explore how we can maintain patient-centredness, maximise learning opportunities and retain resilience.   Yoga at Your Desk A practical workshop to learn techniques you can use whilst at work to manage stress and develop a sense of wellbeing on the go.   Your Chance, Your Ideas, Your College A chance to sit around the table with the current Chair of the RCGP, Prof Helen Stokes-Lampard to explore and debate the ideas around the future of General Practice. You will be able to share your own ideas, solutions and innovative thoughts on the future direction of General Practice and how you want your college to support you.   10 things to Kick Start Your Career Essential tips and practical advice from recently qualified GPs on making the best start to your career in General Practice. Please visit the website via the link below to browse speaker biographies, workshops, venue details and info on the committee. We look forward to see you!London GP Trainee Conference Organising CommitteeSarah-Jane Lang (ST1, St George’s VTS) - Committee ChairSheena Sheth (ST1, Hillingdon VTS)Devon Kennard (ST1, Royal Free/UCH VTS)Feyi Senbanjo (ST1, Lewisham VTS)Zahra Kadom (ST2, Hillingdon VTS)Gada Yassin (ST3, Ilford VTS)Alex Lai (ST1, St George’s VTS)Vongai Mugadza (ST1, Riverside VTS)

at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre
108 Stamford Street
City of London, United Kingdom



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