Louder Than Words 2017: Friday Evening Pass

Louder Than Words 2017: Friday Evening Pass
This section of our ticket site offers a FULL EVENING PASS for FRIDAY 10th November 2017.  All sessions take place at The Principal, Manchester.. Please note, in addition to this discounted Friday Evening Pass, individually priced tickets are available for each event taking place during the Friday evening, as are full weekend passes, day passes for Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November and individual tickets for events across these days. Please see the relevant section of this site for further details and purchase options. Our Friday evening events incude: 6.30pm: Official opening and welcome to Louder Than Words Festival 2017 7pm: JAH WOBBLE in conversation. Jah Wobble is an English bass guitarist, singer, poet, composer and author. Probably best known as the original bass player in Public Image Ltd (PiL), Wobble has since successfully pursued a solo career and enjoyed acclaimed success with Jah Wobble and the Modern Jazz Ensemble as well as collaborations with Marconi Union and Bill Sharpe (founding member of Shakatak). In this intimate in conversation event, Jah will explore a whole host of topics in what promises to be a classic evening of insightful, entertaining conversation. Come prepared to hear topics that span music and key figures in populare culture, Ancient Greece, through to Post Modernism by way of matter transference and the indignity of being a member of the Cockney Diaspora! A true treat in store for sure! 8.45.pm: PAUL 'Smiler' ANDERSON in conversation - MOD art, music, fashion and culture. PAUL 'SMILER' ANDERSON has been in love with Mod all his life, it seems. Throughout the 80’s to the present day he has been involved in organising many events, publishing fanzines and running club nights. As a major record collector he has DJ’d at Mod events both here and in Europe for over 25 years. Co- author of ‘Circles – the strange story of The Fleur De Lys.’, he has also written music articles for magazines including ‘Shindig!. These days he writes sleeve-notes for the ‘History of R&B’ label ‘Soho Jazz’ LP’s  plus ‘Rare Mod’ series of  compilations and EP’s on Acid Jazz records. In 2011, teaming up with with Damian once more, he got to realise his dream of presenting the biggest ever exhibition of  60’s Mod related items. ‘Reading Steady Go!’ proved to be Reading museum’s most successful exhibition to date. His last book ‘Mods – The New Religion’ became a best seller, and his forthcoming books for Omnibus include ‘Mod Art’ and a book on Skinheads (1967-73). Join us in conversation with Paul as he takes us through a journey of art, fashion, music and culture - a feast of an insight with rarities to treat our eyes and ears in equal measure. 10.15pm: MOD REVIVAL DJ SET & OPENING PARTY Louder Than Words is the genre-based literary Festival celebrating words – oral, written and published - associated with the music industry. Authors, artists, poets, performers, lyrics and lyricists, journalists, DJs, bloggers and publishers of music and popular culture are all included.  The weekend Festival is based at a single location - The Principal, Manchester - where all involved can meet to hear, share, discuss and celebrate the best of published and unpublished words associated with music and popular culture industries. Unlike Frank Zappa’s much quoted interpretation of music-writing, Louder Than Words promotes the craft, conducts interviews with thinking people, encourages reading and aims to develop artistic appreciation of all-comers through engagement. Louder Than Words 2017 includes 'in conversation with...' sessions, panel discussions, interviews, workshops, performances and casual opportunities for engaging with like-minded individuals; each encouraging interaction and engagement with performers, authors, editors, publicists, reviewers, press, artists and aficionados. From Rock to Pop and Punk to Folk, from Poetry to Publishing, Art and Performance and all things in between, Louder Than Words Festival has something for everyone - engagement and involvement are central to all we do. Join us and enjoy a taste of something different!

at The Principal Manchester
Oxford Street
Manchester, United Kingdom



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