Make Money Blogging – Blogging in Action Product Review

Shaun Taylor's Blogging in Action package covers the intricacies of blogging in more detail than any of the other programs I have reviewed on my website. It starts with blogging basics, and then moves on to WordPress installation, which is detailed step-by-step in print and then on video. Blog setup and configuration is then covered.

The second half of the book deals with content writing, and has several chapters that none of the other books cover relating to the mechanics of how to blog, how to write good posts, what kinds of posts to write, etc. These sections are worth their weight in gold, as they are not widely discussed in blogging circles.

The fourth section of the book discusses search engine optimization, traffic generation, marketing, monetization, and other advanced topics. What sets this book apart from many others is that rather than presenting an abstract objective, the authors show you exactly what works best, going so far as to describe in detail exactly how your contextual and affiliate ads should be styled and formatted.

Some readers might go into information overload while reading through the material, as it has a no-fluff style even though it's a full 258 pages long. The authors distill the latest blogging advice into step-by-step advice for readers to follow. Sometimes the detail can seem overwhelming, so you're encouraged to take this program one step at a time.

Shaun Taylor is a widely respected and well known blogger who has been interviewed in Bloghology magazine with other respected bloggers like John Cow, Steve Pavlina, and Yaro Starak.

The bonuses in this package are actually helpful, consisting of a simple keyword tool (this is the same keyword tool as the one in Atomic Blogging, just rebranded), security software, backup software, and a large number of videos. So whether you learn by reading or seeing, you should be able to get a lot out of this comprehensive package that sells for a very modest price.

THE Package Contains: - the 258-page Blogging in Action e-book - 15 QuickStart Videos - 4 Companion Videos - Keyword Sheriff research tool - WordPress Secure Pro - 3 bonus Videos on additional blogging topics - 10 Advanced WordPress Videos - 10 Internet and Blogging basics Videos - Complete Backup Pro script, guide, and Video - Preparing Your Blog for Traffic report - Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets e-book - Dominate the Web 2.0 Market e-book - Making Sense of Google AdSense e-book - Web 2.0 Sites Exposed e-book - Lifetime product updates - Live customer support

CONCERNS: The book is very comprehensive so this might discourage you from reading a lot of good information. You cannot download any of the 40+ Videos, you have to go online to watch them. Shaun uses several of the same testimonials over and over in his sales page.

SALES Promise Met? -- Yes: The package provides very clear and specific guidelines on the practice of blogging.

EASE of Use: -- Very Good: Getting started still requires a blog installation. There are step-by-step instructions, but Expert WordPress makes the setup simpler.

CUSTOMER Support: -- Excellent: Quick e-mail response with useful answers.

VALUE for Money: -- $ 57: Excellent -- A lot of value for all the information. Hype-free material.

OVERALL Rating: -- Very ,Very Good: Blogging in Action offers terrific value for the price, and is filled with authoritative, specific information, so you're not left dangling with any "how do I" questions. It has very clear advice that few other blogging packages are even familiar with.

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