Male sexual trap

From a personal point of view, I am very fortunate to be able to check my sexual orientation very carefully. This is because I chose to follow the path of work, that is, teaching in the field of sex and sex.

One understanding that has a major impact on me is the difference between learning orgasm and ejaculation. They are not the same thing, but two separate processes. This has led to more than one orgasm in men. In fact, men are able to have multiple orgasms and have been in orgasm for a long time, rather than being indulged in a short-lived state of excitement.

This also means that you can stay awake after sex, because this is ejaculation to eliminate you, not orgasm.

The second important thing I learned was that I didn't have to achieve orgasm or ejaculation for sex. It's more about pattern response than anything else. With so much focus on orgasm, sex has become a goal-oriented activity rather than a happy activity. The goal is climax, not the goal is happiness.

When both sides [hopefully] have a climax or three orgasms, we believe that sex is a success. After that, the game is over. My joke is that it should be called "going" to men, not "coming", because after that we left here.

This also means the end of sexual activity. Once we reach the climax, that is what we have done and it is over. In the East, they understand the difference between orgasm and ejaculation thousands of years ago and teach male sexual control techniques.

When I wrote this program to help premature ejaculation, I realized that the real value lies in teaching men how to exercise good sexual control, making climax a conscious choice, rather than a series of muscle contractions, squeezing some cool from our pelvis. Feeling let us disappear completely

They also understand that the sex life cycle of men and women is very different. Women often need and want a longer sex life, they need time to go to that wonderful fun slope, and to reach the peak of happiness.

So what have we done? We make the clitoris a major source of female sexual pleasure. We began to limit the possibility of happiness. Not long ago, many people in the traditional health field denied the existence of internal or vaginal orgasm. This is the clitoris or nothing. For men and women, we lose the terrible pleasure of penetration. Now we are very happy. In any case, we are very happy to admit that clitoris orgasm, vaginal orgasm, G-point orgasm, even neck climax, female ejaculation and so on. In the process, we limit the kind of climax we experience as a man.

We limit ourselves to around 20 seconds. What I have never thought of before has impressed me, how closely male and female sexual desires are related. We limit one and we limit the other. We are free, we learn more sexual skills, expand our perceptual horizons, we give ourselves greater sexual possibilities and freedoms, and we do the same for women. So what are some of the possibilities of men? First, you can get 2 or 3 or more climaxes during sex, instead of ejaculation, each one becomes stronger. You can learn enough sexual control to have sex, as long as you and your partner want to, do not have to reach orgasm, approach, spread this amazing feeling through your body, so that your whole body will become a Pulsating sex organs, not just your penis. You can spend time in the climax area that makes you breathless.

Your ejaculation climax is almost twice the time, feeling deep inside. You can really expand the fun of you and your partner. You can liberate yourself from experiencing a conditional physical reaction and become a swimming swimmer with a happy ocean. It takes some time, some learning, some exercises, and some will put yourself aside for a while. But what is the possibility, we can be a great man!

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